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McLeod, John, and Arthur Cropley, Academic Excellence (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


I was supposed to discuss four references where the authors talk on the importance of sports

Benefits of Sports
Annotated Bibliography
McLeod, John, and Arthur Cropley. Fostering academic excellence. Elsevier, 2013.
McLeod and Cropley were keen in analyzing the benefits of sports in enhancing academic excellence among learners. Their work was centered in sensitizing different stakeholders in the education sector on the importance of sports in realizing academic excellence. The authors came up with specifics facts to prove that indeed games should be embraced in learning institutions. Firstly, the authors agreed that sports help students to keep their bodies healthy and fit. For students to perform well in their academics, it is crucial that they do not have health complications. Thus, this is the reason the authors concur that allowing students to participate in sports will help students to overcome health complications like overweight that affects their concentration in studies. Also, the author’s state that sports aids students in forming a teamwork. Also, they mention that sports help in time management. During free time, students engage themselves in sports thus helping them to build a social relationship. The authors' work, will give me an important guideline on my study. It will aid me with prerequisite knowledge even before I go to the field to correct data.
Mulder, K., et al. "Risks and benefits of sports and fitness activities for people with haemophilia." Haemophilia 10.s4 (2004): 161-163.
According to Mulders, sports are good in keeping body fitness. He mentions that many people are struggling with health complications because they do not embrace sports in their day to day activities. When people fail to exercise, they end up incurring a lot of costs seeking for medication. Therefore, Mulders mentions sports as the primary solution that can help people reduce weight. He states that people should embrace sporting each and every day and not to wait till when they are dictated by situations. For instance, the authors stress the importance of sports to those suffering from haemophilia. Also, the author explains that games come with psychological and social benefits. Sports help people to stay free from stress which worsens their health condition. I see Mulder's work, as a valuable information tool in my research. It will help me to understand the benefits of sports for people suffering from different ailments.
Owen, Jeffrey G. "The intangible benefits of sports teams." Public Finance and Management 6.3 (2006): 321.
The book focuses on the intangible benefits of sports in organizations. Owen was trying...
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