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Youth Sexuality (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

It is a five source Annotated Bibliography on youth sexuality source..
Youth Sexuality Name of Student Name of Establishment Youth Sexuality The reason I chose youth sexuality emanates from the fact that youths tend to involve in relationships that eventually culminate into sex. Currently, the society has encountered a new trend of same sex attraction, transgender attractions, and the diseases associated with sex. The choice to become oriented in a given sexual orientation has been overemphasised in the media. This has led to the dynamism in the youth sexuality all over the world; leading us to question our choices and eligibility of such choices. The youth have lacked the proper education about their sexual behaviour and responsibility. In order to alleviate such challenges, there is need to educate the youth about the choices they are making in terms of their sexual activities. Sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancies have emerged due to their sexual relationships. Therefore, there is a big necessity to discuss this topic openly with the youths to foster responsibility and appropriate decision making. Annotated Bibliography United Nations. Youths and Comprehensive Sexual Education… (n.d). Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "/esa/socdev/documents/youth/fact-sheets/youth-sexuality-education.pdf" /esa/socdev/documents/youth/fact-sheets/youth-sexuality-education.pdf . Online. [Accessed 27 May 2014] The article is about the education required in the transition of the young people towards the stage of adulthood. The article talks about the importance of providing the youth with sexuality education such as decision making, knowledge, and skills about their sexual life. This is due to the confusing and conflicting messages that are experienced, about sexuality and gender issues. The considerations that are taken in designing sexual education phenomena are also defined for the purpose of enhancing the sex education. These include the tools for supporting sexuality education such as the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education of 2009. This guidance provides a way of programming for prevention of HIV or improving sexual health in the young people. Other tools such as the Levers of Success, Global Guidance Briefs, and Peer Education Toolkit are also defined as the tools for supporting the development. This article will be used to address the sexuality education that is within the legal and policy frameworks in the international set up. It will explain how the international market is able to unite all the countries with different policies towards a proper comprehensive sex education. It will also be used to depict the international agreements that stipulate the promotion of sexual education within the youths. Yip, A. K., Keenan M., Page S. Religion Youth and Sexuality; Selected Key Findings from a Multi-faith Exploration. Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "/sociology/pdfs/rys-research-report.pdf" /sociology/pdfs/rys-research-report.pdf. 2011. 0nline. [Accessed 27 May 2014] This article is a report about the youth, religion, and sexuality within the academic and non-academic societies. It explores the lives, the identities, and the religion of the young adults between the age of 18 and 25. The article begins with the explicit aims of the research. It then depicts the methods and the criteria of choosing the participants of the research. It then describes the study goals such as the role of religion in youth sexuality, managing sexuality and religious faith, and the challenges experienced in the relationship with the society. The research is carried out and the findings are recorded. The analysis gives out the relationship between the religion, sexual activity, and the youth in the society. The recorded information is calculated and the percentages obtained for these interrelationships. The data obtained is discussed in accordance to the society of study. The views of the participants are recorded as required by the research team. The discussion is done in terms of the theoretical principle, hence the explanation of all the concepts. This article will be used to explain the role of the religion and sexuality in the academic and non-academic institutions. It will then give the recommendations towards the sexual activity of the youths and the role of religion in this phenomenon. CDC,. HIV Among Youth. Retrieved from  HYPERLINK "/hiv/pdf/library_factsheet_HIV_amongYouth.pdf" /hiv/pdf/library_factsheet_HIV_amongYouth.pdf . 2011. Online. [Accessed 27 May 2014] This article is about the HIV prevalence among the youths as documented by the Centres for Disease Control. The article gives the numbers of the new HIV infections of ages between 13 – 29 years. It also gives the HIV diagnosis statistics in the same age bracket in the United States of America. The interrelationship between substance use and the prevalence of HIV use is explained, with a major hypothesis that the use of substances of abuse increases the likelihood of irresponsible sexual behaviour in the youth. The lack of awareness and ignorance of becoming HIV positive among the youths is also shown. The article is concluded by what the CDC is doing in addressing the high number of HIV infections that is occurring in the youth. It explains the programs undertaken to have the highest impact. It also shows the researches that are done to understand the youth populations, and reduce the HIV prevalence. This article will give the interrelationship between HIV prevalence in the youth and their sexual characteristics. The prevention challenges of the diseases will also be explained, including the sexual risk factors, substance use, and lack of awareness. It will also explain the concept of STIs, and sexual behaviour such as the male to male sexual characteristics. Farrer, J. Opening up: Youth sex culture and market reform in Shanghai. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2002. Print This book is about the teen dating and the public displays of affection that are seen in the youth in Chinese cities. The changing shapes of sex are also depicted through the use of the nightlife survey of the youth culture. The book also incorporates the current changes in the media towards the sexual behaviour of the youth. The book al...
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