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World Regional Geography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Annotated Bibliography (200 word minimum for each annotation=600 word minimum total)For the final project (assignment #4 in this document) I will provide you with several possible topics/questions to choose from. These should be considered as prompts to which you will respond to by gathering evidence related to the topic for the region you have selected. For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography of sources to help you answer the questions you have selected for the final project. An annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of research sources. However, beyond the bibliographic data, an annotated bibliography contains a concise summary of each source and assessment of its contribution. This does not equate paraphrasing or copying the abstract. Consider the annotated bibliography a note to yourself both describing key aspects of the source and identifying how this work will help you answer your question. Your annotated bibliography should contain three references that relate to your selected region and questions. Each annotation should be at least 200 words, describing the article and how you will be able to use it to write the final paper. Sources can be academic journal articles or books, news reports, government websites/reports. Please do not use Wikipedia, blogs, nongovernmental websites, or online discussions/forums.


Annotated Bibliography for World Regional Geography
Berglee, Royal. World regional geography: People, places, and globalization. 2012.
Royal Berglee wrote the book World Regional Geography. Royal Berglee is a professor of geography and international studies in the department of politics, global studies, history, philosophy, and legal studies. Dr. Royal hails from Montana and holds a Master’s Degree from the University of North Dakota. World Regional Geography is designed for learners’ research and experience as much of the universe as possible within a small amount of time. It offers students the vital concepts and the latest information concerning world places in a precise, easy-to-read way. 
This book centers around the essential issues that have made our cultural and cultural structures and displays them inside a system for comprehensive comprehension. An example of development is sketched out from the engraving that European expansionism had on culture to the effect that goliath retail companies like Wal-Mart have on industrialism. Inside this system, the course reading adopts a provincial strategy to globalization and world geography, as every section centers around 

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