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Building an ethically driven health care organization through health administration. (Article Critique Sample)


ethicality or lack of it in today's health care systems and health DELIVERY due to preponderance of stakeholders and minimal role for health providers and practitioners in critical decision making


Building an Ethically-driven Health Care Organization through Health Administration
Name of the Author
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Building an Ethically-driven Health Care Organization Through Health Administration
Title of the article:
‘ You can give them wings to fly’: a qualitative study on value-based leadership in health care’
Jointly authored by: Yvonne Denier, Lieve Dhaene and Chris Gastmans
Journal information, name and date: BMC Medical Ethics Journal article year 2019: 20: 35 published online on May 27, 2019.
Website:  HYPERLINK ""
doi:  HYPERLINK "" \t "pmc_ext" 10.1186/s12910-019-0374-x (Denier, Dhaene and Gastmans, 2019)
It is indeed sad but true, that most of the ethically-binding leadership management and administrative authority along the extant healthcare continuum rests and vests not with clinicians, medical practitioners or care providing physicians, but by promoters, stakeholders and most of all, by guardians of the professional healthcare systems. These investigative, primary, direct and qualitative empirical studies, based on Grounded theory and interviews with 15 of the most vastly-experienced healthcare professionals in this setting, focusing on their perspectives of medical care management, its ethicality and how this could be imbued in professional care management ethos and practices. The six main principles used in this study were that of nurturing and cultivation of value-based health care management, imbibing new ideas and theories in medical practice, innovativeness, creativity and exploring new avenues in healthcare management and healthcare provision, enforcing integrity, transparency and ethicality as main pillars of patient care provision, trustworthy and ethical approach even in trying circumstances and most of all, giving patients the freedom and autonomy to make their own medical decisions. The results proved that it is not just enough to provide ethical infra-structure but equally necessary to create, enforce and sustain robust ethical architecture in which community healthcare and leadership in action are active components.
Key words: ethically binding, healthcare leadership management, Grounded theory, ethical

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