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Is the development of high-grade gliomas sulfur-dependent? - Review (Article Critique Sample)

This was an article critique of the journal entry by wrobel et al., "Is the development of high-grade gliomas sulfur-dependent" The relationship between the availability of sulfur and the growth of high-grade gliomas was explored source..
Is the development of high-grade gliomas sulfur-dependent? - Review Name Institution Is the development of high-grade gliomas sulfur-dependent? - Review Sulfane sulfur accumulation is important for the proliferation of malignant cells, as well as for tumor growth (Wrόbel et al., 2014). The researchers investigated the link between sulfur and the development of high-grade gliomas in the brain. This relationship was probed by assaying the activities of rhodanese, 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase and γ-cystathionase within different parts of the human brain. The thalamus, hippocampus, sub-cortical nuclei, hypothalamus, cerebellum and the cortex were characterized in the study. The study was done using human gliomas with a malignancy grade ranging from I to IV (Wrόbel et al., 2014). The experiment proved that there is indeed a link between sulfur accumulation and the development of high grade gliomas. This outcome is in harmony with the methodical determinations of the target enzymes in the brain. Because the link between high grade gliomas and sulfane sulfur accumulation is evident, future research has to take this into consideration with regards to developing pharmacologically dynamic anti-tumor drugs. Sulfur ranks as one of the most important non-metallic elements fundamental to life. In biological systems such as the human body, sulfur can be found in a variety of oxidation states. Sulfane sulfur plays the most important role in biological processes. The destiny of sulfane sulfur in the body is not expected, as a matter of fact, it is not acknowledged if it has a significant role in the body. In elevated quantities, sulfane sulfur is a broad-spectrum poison. This means that it is able to poison various systems in the body...
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