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Entrepreneur (Article Critique Sample)


Write from article review about entrepreneurship


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The articles discussed in this paper content clearly examines the strength of the entrepreneurs from the in the current market trending and their contributory part inn different managerial sectors in companies and organizations. We are in the world of entrepreneurs and business ventures which needs focused genres for the level of management to change completely and be in a position of withstanding the competition from other enterprises both now and the future market. Entrepreneur’s outcomes can be both destructive and constructive in a specified organization the world market depending on the approaches and dimensions used by the inventors. The economists together with the concerned fellows raise are in the driving force to formulate and identify what is the current market situation and what best satisfy the needs of they are intending to expose. With continued focus and obligations, they are able be definitive and innovative to help them involve all aspects and trends which are of no negative implications.
In the business models, entrepreneurship and SME are comparatively important aspects of business management and performance and therefore any business company that is concerned with the progress must take a key observation in these factors. It is in this dimension when they try to eliminate some normal function hindrances to customer’s service delivery and to the organization itself since many consumers are selective in terms of cost and modes of transportation or service delivery with an obligation of saving some capital from the service. In the discussed articles, the authors discussed on the procedural ways of identifying a place that is relatively good for the entrepreneurs to invest in, normally before setting for a business planning and models in other countries they thought are of higher potential, they first identify the total cost of the venture, does market relevancies coincides with their expectations, are the market structures in these places favor them and also how is the quality of human capital. The article outlines the on the ways an entrepreneur can use to identify market opportunities and invest in those countries as he/she decides to define the role of his company in the market preferences. Upon identification of the business potential that a country is based on, an entrepreneur has the opportunity to design his or her working team to invest more on the business of that particular country, they again identify each positions and assign them according to the roles they are going to play in the market to meet the demand raised by the customers
The entrepreneurs therefore, purposes on fairness and equitable share among its team crew with an aim of k...
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