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Risk Management Article Review (Article Critique Sample)


review the article titled "Don't Neglect the Role of Safety in Building (or Demolishing) Your Company’s Reputation"


Risk Management Article Review
Risk Management Article Review
In the article "Don't Neglect the Role of Safety in Building (or Demolishing) Your Company’s Reputation" Ritch Eich, the president of leadership and management consulting firm (Eich Inc), explains the importance of ‘safety and security’ in building a strong reputation and brand name.
The professor starts by expressing his concern over the relegation of safety and security issues to mid-management in modern organizations. This puts the organization’s reputation, as a bottom line for survival, at risk. He advises such organizations to understand the inseparable nature of organizational vision and operational discipline. Ritch Eich emphasizes that safety and security should be seen as important as other critical business risk parameters. It could easily ruin the reputation of the company, leading to its decline and eventual death. He adds that, while it may take years to build a good reputation, it could take only a single event to taint or permanently damage the reputation. Such an event could be a fire, a cyber-attack or a hostage crisis.
Fostering OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) regulations is one of the steps that can be used to boost safety and security. Going a notch higher above the law, is even better, particularly due to the increasing multifaceted, technological, safety and security threats. According to Eich, the social media has emerged as a platform where malicious people could uncover and spread damaging information. As such, new safety and security measures are required to address the new sources of technology-related threats. This could include the inclusion of the corporate communication professionals in the organizational leadership team.
Eich concludes by explaining the five critical means of fostering safety and security. First, he recommends that the top safety and security officials should report directly to the company’s VP, or the CFO, so as to place the matter at the heart of the management. Second, the CFO/VP should ensure that the safety and security officials brief the leaders on all safety issues. In this effect, the CFO could organize safety training, inspections and compliance with the existing safety laws. Third, the CEO should incorporate safety and security in the continuous leadership development programs (LDP), so that all the employees become aware of the threat and how to handle it. Fourth, the executive should collaborate with the top safety officials and managers to foster preparedness, should a security or safety incident occur. Finally, the managers should make the employee performance, to a certain extent, a function of the preventive leading indicators taken by the employee, such as attending safety programs and safety exercise among others.
It is true that safety and security issues pose an enormous threat t...
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