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Comparison of Articles and the Concern of Patients Sueing Physicians at Court (Article Critique Sample)


This work was a critic and COMPARISON oF two different articles in thwir relationship to the concern of patients sueing physicians at court. Tanya albert’s “new Jersey’s court weighs whether non patient can sue physician”, and KEvin’s “court blocks laws that would force physicians to misLead patients. I was also asked to also choose a theory that could explain the stance Of both articles in relationship with the topic.


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In the first article, “New Jersey court weighs whether non-patient can sue physician” An incident which had involved a psychiatrists patient crashing into a bicyclist. The family of the woman who had died in the incident wants to sue the doctor who had prescribed the medications to the care driver. The court is in deliberation if it will the court would grant permission to the lawsuit to move forward. This case if approved would allow individuals to sue doctors, if they believe that harm from a patients can be tied to the care that the patients had received from the doctor. This is to say that patients care liability insurance would be on the high rise (Henry, 2019). The case features Barbara Mulford-Dera, who was on psychotropic medications which here psychiatrist, Stefan Lerner had given to her. When she was driving she had hot and accidentally killed Judith Schrope, a bicyclist. Dr. Lerner was sued on the account that the physician that is Dr. Lerner should have told and warned the driver, Barbara Mulford-Dera not to drive under the influence of her prescribed medication which he had been prescribed for her. The AMA Litigation Center had described the incident as “an unidentifiable member of the public who, tragically, was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” and in this case, the doctor had no liability to a third party incident(Henry, 2019). The AMA Litigation Center briefed the Court stating that in “highly restricted circumstances” in which the doctor is not a liability to an incident involving a third-party. With regards to this case, the functionalism value choice theory will be applied. This theory 

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