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Article Critique: Salam Abdallah and Fayez Ahmad Albadri (Article Critique Sample)


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Article Critique
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Article Critique
The article written by Salam Abdallah and Fayez Ahmad Albadri on meaningful learning from sustained communication is an educative piece of information that gives a clear picture of the adult education. The title itself is educative as it points out only the important aspects of online communication. The target group is also clearly stated in the title, as the researchers focused on the adult group of learners. This group of students is outstanding since they are the minority in the society who are out looking to improve their knowledge. Of interest is how the researchers single out the very reason why adult education is meaningful. To the researchers, adult interaction is significant because these are individuals whose focus are on gaining the best out of the learning process. Besides, the target study group would make the research valid as there many issue the team face in their quest for education. The paper will critically evaluate the article regarding its structure, usefulness, facts, and use of secondary materials.
An abstract is clear summary of the whole project which gives a picture of what the study is all about in a concise fashion. Therefore, a good abstract has to define the objective, methodology, research findings, and conclusions (Hesse-Biber, 2016). The study by Salam and Fayez has key elements of an abstract. The research begins by stating the aims of the study which is to evaluate the model used by adult learners on an online platform as a valuable tool. By declaring the goal, the researchers have made clear what the study is all about. Just by reading the very first sentence, one can have a clear picture of the project. In their abstract, the researcher has also stated the model the study is based; that is the study use the discussion board as a means of sharing co-constructing knowledge. By doing so, the reader knows what to expect concerning the theory the study is based. Therefore, the study abstract is an academic summary that contains all that is required to make the reader know what the research entails. In fact by giving what the study seeks to accomplish, the abstract serves it purpose of letting us know that it is useful to kind of groups. For example, the work is intended for scholars who are interested in the knowledge of e-learning field specifically the adult learners. Besides, the abstract include the keywords such as e-learning, constructive knowledge, and adult education that the study is about.
The title of the works is short and clear that contains key terms and. Also, the outcome variable is clear. For example, the outcome is “reflection with a group of adults.” From the title, it is easy to know what the research is seeking to answer. Further, a good title should define the population of the work. In their paper, Salam and Fayez have concisely described the community which is the group of an adult.
The concept of online adult learning is clearly stated in the introduction which is in line with the theme stated in the title. The most important aspects of the research are also introduced in this section. With literature reviews of previous papers, the study gives a basis of arguments advanced by other authors (Gray, & Smith, 2000). By stating the theories used by other researchers the author of this paper validates their work and pinpoint the areas of interest of the area under study. For example, the article indicates that Knowles developed an andragogy theory that defines the adult learning and the children learning. Ideally, using a known approach forms a sound basis upon which an argument can be anchored. One can easily find differences between adult and children learning when one uses theories to explain the e-learning concept. The literature used are relevant to the topic under study. For example, the review of Wurn’s work that focuses on the individual research, reflection, distance learning, and experiential learning relates to the adult e-learning that the paper covers. Besides, the theories that Knowles advances is a good ground of argument. Given that they help to explain the main difference that exists between children learning and adult learning, one can clear note that in adult education, the effort to succeed is bound by the learner. But in children’s education, the motivation to learn is by the parents, teachers, and the community. From the backdrop, the paper concisely shows that adult education can succeed in online learning since the adults have work experience and have a specific motivation to attain required market skills. Another critical issue in the introduction is the references. The references used in the study are all between 12 to 16 years. Though the literature used are old, they still have direct application and implication in the new learning. Theories such as andragogy and social constructivism are applicable principles that can help explain the success of adult learning. The research question is also posted at the introduction of the paper. The study seeks to answer “how to evaluate students learning through an examination of knowledge constructed by the students to find out whether learning is taking place.” Therefore, the objective of the paper is mentioned in the introduction sector to give a road map of the article.
The research variables are stated well. The variables include the adult students; MBA
A and online learning. This variable is still in line with the central thesis stated in the abstract, and the introduction. Therefore, there is consistency in work from the title through to the methodology variables. The variables will also help in build a strong case and consistent findings since they are measurable (Hesse-Biber, S2016). The age of the students can be measured to find out whether a student is an adult or not. Online learning, on the other hand, is testable as the exact number of students enrolled for MBA studies can be found at online colleges. Regarding the research design, the paper used a qualitative case study from the rich data available for analysis. At the methodology yet again the emphasis is put on the purpose of the survey. The over a focus on the use though appears repetitive reminds the reader of the goal of the paper. It is important in any research that the objective remains clear throughout the work. Hence by once again mentioning the aim, the researchers ensures consistency and relevance of the every part of the paper. Information about online learning is readily available on the internet and other secondary sources of data. Therefore, the choice of case study method based on qualitative methods will not only allow the paper to have rich content but also, save the time of gathering raw information which has not been tested scientifically (Collis, & Hussey, 2013). In good spirit, the researcher of the article has also explained the meaning of qualitative method they have used. Every paper adopts different qualitative methods. So by defining the qualitative method in the context of the paper, the writers of the article ensures that confusion and ambiguities are removed from the readers of the piece of information. Besides, the research design is questionnaire based where MBA e-business students were asked nine questions. For ensuring that every aspect is covered and elaborate data collection was used with a threaded discussion used to collect a 70 pages files. The analysis again was conducted in an open and free style manner. There were no fixed analysis categories but rather an open category through a comparative method to record data into groups. For removing biases in the analysis, every data group was analyzed on a statement by statement bias. The statements from every group were then used as a representation of the entire population of the groups. Lastly, the target population is mentioned in the paper. The target population is the MBA e-business adult student. The target population helps the paper to have a central focus on one subject of study and safe way of data collection (Gray, & Smith, 2000). In fact, without proper and clearly stated target population, the research objective may not be achieved (Collis, & Hussey, 2013). One can only hope by having their target population the researchers are going to achieve their aim of evaluating the e-learning and how it can find out whether self-learning can lead to focused study among the experienced and self-motivated adults. The research instrument was semi-structured questionnaires and data collection method was evident. The tool was validated and proved by exporting the large data into NVivo qualitative analysis software for fact finding. Therefore, the instruments were reliable. But, the paper was not ethical. There is no mention of seeking the respondent’s permission to collect their data. The student was just presented with questions to answer without prior notice and education on how to respond a questionnaire. The failure can compromise the reliability of the paper since one would wonder why the respondent’s feeling was not consulted (Hesse-Biber, 2016). The size sample is mentioned, but the calculation is not indicated. For example, the research directly suggests 70 MBA student but how they arrived at the 70 is not reported. For clarity, researchers should show the calculation of how the sample size was arrived at.
The results are discussed using tables, figures, and charts. The table headings, number, and footnote are stated clearly. The use of diagram 1 and table three makes the results readable, and easy to interpret (Kelle, & Erz...
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