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Article Analysis (Article Critique Sample)


Locate two article concercing staffing challenges in food and beverage operation. Analysis in which you discuss challenges specific to food and beverage operations. Briefly summarize each article by indentify challenges presented in each article. How do these challenges affect a food and beverage operations. How may a manager overcome these challenges.


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All customers who visit hotels in to eat want to have the best experience of it. They want to have a good time while eating so that they feel the worth of their money as being well spent. This means that the cooks, the waiting staff and ushers have to produce quality food and offer quality service to the customers. Having such quality staff starts from hiring and these personnel should be able to make a fortune out of the complaints of consumers by transforming them into opportunities.
One of the challenges in the foods and beverages operation in an article by Tourist Attractions and Parks is acquiring the right personnel, (2012). The article identifies that the foods and beverages industry is quite seasonal; people tend to visit these joints more during festive seasons. In addition, majority of the staff members in the industry are part time workers and students; especially those on internship. This makes it hard for the manager to identify a long term employee who is dedicated to set goals and achieve them while at the company. The seasonality of the industry also makes it hard for managers to venture further; like expanding the business and opening other branches.
In another article by CHT, there are other challenges that can be identified. One of them is production and consumption of food and beverages simultaneously, (2010). The punch line here is situations that involve production in huge amounts. It is difficult because mass production needs quite a large number of customers as well as producers in the same locality. Such a venture would result in problems especially socially, within the environment and culturally. The article also identifies the food and beverage sector as being quite diverse and has many subsections which make the scope of the industry and its size a challenge. This is especially for those managers who want to organize the industry and organize it so that they know which subsection they are comfortable with and venture there. For example, there is commercial and non commercial sectors, the type of food (that is either food or beverages or both), cuisines and methods of services. For instance, under the classification of foods and beverage outlets, they may be commercial or non-commercial. However, there are other subcategories; in the commercial sector, is the food for a general market or a restricted market? If the food was for non commercial, is it for institutional catering or employee catering? These subcategories are thus a challenge and need to be ironed out before the manager ventures into one.
The CHT article also identifies another challenge concerning beverages, (2010). One of the challenges stated here is being in an environment where there is competition. Another challenge is that there are a lot of issues related to adherence to laws of licensing and monitoring the control of cash strictly. Having to deal with people who are drunk (especially beverages operation), being creative constantly and conduction promotions are also other challenges that are identified in the article.
Effects on Food and Beverages Operation
In the article by Tourist Attractions and Parks, acquiring the right personnel for the food and beverages sector was a major challenge. The personality of the employees always manages to draw or drive away customers. For example, if a customer makes a complaint to the waiting staff, the way in which the waiting staff handles the situation may drive the customer away or make the customer be a favorite to the food or beverages outlet.
Staff preparation is another aspect that has an effect on the food and beverages operation. If the employees are well trained, they will be able to understand and apply the standards that the outlet has set. If the training is the best, then the manager can expect the best when it comes to production of food or when employees are offering their service to the customers.
Simultaneous production and consumption of food is stated as a challenge which has effects on the social and cultural environment. Mass production of these foods calls for a large number of people who will consume it. The personnel also need to be many. If food is produced in plenty, there is a probability that a lot will be left over or a lot may be consumed that there results a shortage. In addition, there will be a large gathering which means that the people will interact and share ideas, experiences and adventures.
The diversity of the industry and its scope offer a challenge. The effect here is that there are several sub categorizations of which if a venturing manager does not understand well, he/she might end up targeting the wrong market. For example, if the food and beverages being produced are for non commercial, the manager needs to identify if it is for institution catering or employees. If such considerations are not put in place, the manager may build a bad reputation for his outlet and lose all customers. Let us also consider competition in the environment. Managers should see this as a positive factor so that they are motivated to produce the best foods and offer the best service to have...
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