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Work Art (Article Critique Sample)


The task involved analyzing a given picture and giving the intended meaning by the artist.

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For my term paper, I preferred to visit the National Gallery of Art that is based in Washington. In the gallery, I got interested in one of the medieval arts called the Annunciation. This is an oil painting by Jan van Eyck between the year c. 1425-1430, who came from Netherlands. The picture shows the Annunciation of Mary by angel Gabriel that, "she will bear a son and name Jesus" (Luke 1: 31). In the picture, the lady is wearing a blue robe, and she is raising her hands as if she is praying or communicating with God. The picture has inscriptions written in Dutch; Hand and Wolff gives the meaning the inscriptions as "Hail, full of grace" (7). The picture contains words written upside down. These words were said by Mary to the angel, and they state, "Behold the handmaid of the lord" (Hand &Wolff 7). In the picture this words are written upside down and the reason for writing them in the format is for God to see them since He lives in heaven above.
Jan van Eyck is estimated to have been borne before c. 1395. He was one of the best painters in Northern Europe during the 15th century. He was remarkable in oil painting and also a biographer. He was named the "father of oil painting" due to his expertise in painting. His famous works include Madonna in the church, Annunciation, The virgin of Chancellor Rolin and others.
The picture contains seven rays of light that are coming from the window and moves to the left. These rays are descending on Mary representing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Display at the Art Gallery
The picture was initially at canvas. The museum attendant told me that, it was initially on a panel and it was later brought to canvas. From the collections of the National Gallery, I read that "through Christ's human incarnation the old era of the law is transformed into a new era of Grace" (/collection/gallery/gg39/gg39-49.0.html).The art was set on the wall in the art gallery. It is a large painting on the wall, and some descriptions about it are given next to it.
In the picture, there is a temple. Mary and angel Gabriel are inside the temple. Mary appears to be very young she has a Bible. It seems that she had been reading the bible before the...
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