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Nursing Assignment About Independent T-Test Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


I was provided with a specific article and requested to write a critique with a focus on the independent t-test .


Independent T-Test Article Critique
Independent T-Test Article Critique
The study employed the independent samples t-test as part of the statistical analysis. Statistical analysis involved making a comparison of the demographic characteristics of the participating patients, including the CDUSG measures with the help of the independent samples t-test. The independent samples t-test applied to the continuous variables. The independent t-test is applied to unpaired groups that have distinct characteristics such that a participant in one group cannot fit in the other. In the case of this study, the groups comprised patients with patent and occluded LITA grafts. The results indicated that the researchers applied the independent samples t-test to the body mass index (BMI) and age of the participants. The independent t-test provides researchers with a way of determining the statistical significance of means of two different and unrelated groups.
In the study, the mean ages of the two groups that the researchers wanted to examine for statistical significance included the patent and occluded patients. The sample whose angiographic situation was patent comprised 78 participants while the rest of the sample representing the occluded patients was 60 participants. Patent and occluded represent the grouping variables while age is the characteristic of interest and independent variable. The findings indicated that the p-value was 0.006. According to the statistical analyses, the researchers deemed a p-value of less than 0.05 to be statistically significant. As such, the p-value of the

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