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Economics of Biodiversity – Road Ahead: What is In Store for Our Nature? (Article Critique Sample)


The task is to write a Review or critique about The Economics of Biodiversity by Dasgupta (2021). The title of my essay is "Road ahead: what is in store for our nature?"
i stated that One major reason sought to be responsible for the failure to achieve sustainability is the lack of effective institutions. This problem is a global phenomenon that persists through time because of the failed attempts of the minority stakeholders to change the system, whereas the institutions are continually building gaps and breaking bridges of sustainable agreements. One option for change is to transform these institutions and systems to become strong foundations that would promote and advocate sustainable relationships with nature and sustainable assets management. The role of global financial systems and educational systems in regaining our good relationship and interaction with nature is also very important.
i also higlighted in the paper that It is about time to redeem ourselves and get rid of ignorance. These options for change may sound ambitious and hard to attain, but the main driver here is humanity. It is through our actions that nature experiences deterioration and degradation of its services and resources, but it is also through us to restore what is lost. The more our natural resources deteriorate, the more we become aware that the world we are living in is not unlimited. Yes, we may have renewable natural resources, but unsustainable use does not make them replenish more, but could possibly lead to worse case scenarios. That is why collective effort is needed in order to save our dying natural resources and let the succeeding generations still see the richness of our home. These options for change call for the collaboration of all efforts to save our nature, with the integration of the social, economic, political, and moral aspects, towards the realization of the bright future ahead of us.


Review about: The Economics of Biodiversity by Dasgupta (2021)
Road Ahead: What is in store for our nature?
“We are embedded with nature; we are not external of it.”
Humanity often forgets the reality that we are not apart from nature but rather we are part of this whole interconnected system. Nature is not an “other” dimension that we can exclude ourselves from. In other words, we cannot separate ourselves from this natural world.  That is why it is important for us to be reminded about this because our worldviews and our views on nature will reflect our behavior and actions toward nature as a whole. Ignorance is a sickness of humanity that slowly kills nature and its components, including ourselves. Every single day we are offered with choices to either choose the good things for our nature or the detrimental ones, but we seem to continue to neglect our responsibility to pay attention to the ways for longer and sustainable living. But as the time progresses, where are we now with this dilemma we’re facing? What are the possibilities of recovery from this mindset? And what is in store for our nature in the future? Here we will talk about the things to be done to eliminate ignorance and to promote the sustainability of the road ahead.
Dasgupta’s (2021) review on the “Economics of Biodiversity'' highlighted the three broad approaches and options for change we expect for our nature in the near future. These options highly require humanity involvement through interconnected transitions and sustainable implementation. It is essential to highlight the urgency of this matter and humanity's huge 

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