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Empirical Article Review on Motivation Psychology (Article Critique Sample)


Based on a motivation topic of your choosing, you will identify a relevant empirical study, read the article, and complete a narrative summary of the article that includes key points from the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections. You will also complete a section on your Stance, including what you’ve learned from the reading and how you can apply it to your own personal and/or professional goals. The goal is not to simply extract text from the article but to succinctly summarize the key elements from within each section such that your review could serve as an expanded abstract of the study documenting what you are identifying as the key features/findings of the article.


Vartanian et al., (2012) examined three main goals in this study : (1) to determine differences between controlled and uncontrolled eaters in terms of their motivations for exercising and dieting; (2) to assess the correlation between concerns about looks and motivations for exercising and dieting related to appearance and health; and (3) to examine whether body image motivations for exercising and dieting mediate the relationship between ingrained societal expectations of beauty and physical appearance. This study is relevant to motivation psychology as expounds on the reasons that drive individuals to stay fit and healthy in our society. The study hypothesized that the relationship involving internalization and body image issues would be moderated by reasons for exercising and decreasing weight related to looks. Additionally, the authors investigated if the psychological motivations brought on by the benefits of exercise could be used to explain the influence of the reasons for exercising. The study put forth the hypothesis that the drive to work out and manage body weight for health concerns would be correlated to a lower level of concern about body image than the drive to work out and lose 

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