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Analysis-Synthesis Summaries of Readings from Text (Article Critique Sample)


The task was about chapter analysis of art and design article.

2 Analysis-Synthesis Summaries of Readings from Text
Wayne Enstice and Melody Peters’ Drawing: Space Form Expression book explores various aspects of art and drawing defined in different chapters. For instance, the focus of chapter 3 is shape, proportion and layout of drawing (Enstice and Peters 37). The authors suggest that students should consider the outline of their paintings to ensure that it depicts the correct version of the subject. A drawing should have shapes that match the principal outlines of the object in order to portray the required layout. This helps in the easy interpretation and analysis of different aspects needed in professional art works and drawings. Chapter 3 also tackles various tips on identifying shapes using pencils or viewfinder, the use of proportioning techniques and laying out of images (Enstice and Peters 38). The authors also use illustrations to explain the application of artistic concepts in drawing in relation to shape, proportion and layout. The artworks show drawings from different angles and perspectives to suit the required components.
In order to express the underlining connection with the drawing forms, the author use new vocabularies. For instance, spatial configuration is the outline of a figure determined by the organization of its portions or features. This enables an artist to see objects as flat shapes in order to draw them in correct proportion (Enstice and Peters 42). By linking designated points on objects and faces spread through a space, a characteristic shape is created. The essential concept of spatial configuration is to use part of an object to produce an accurate figure. Another new vocabulary used is the Shape and Foreshortening, which is the formation of an illusion of depth. It is related to perspective since people draw figures depending on what they see rather than constructed perception. Shape and foreshortening characterizes a line, form or object as shorter than the authentic length in order to provide a plan impression relation to the guidelines of linear perspective. For instance, in figure 3-1, the authors illustrate the use of foreshortening to explain how shapes are determined in diagrams (Enstice and Peters 44-47). The longest dimension of the body is almost perpendicular to the picture plane. Shape is achieved when the image of an object is projected onto the picture plane. This is because the shape has measurable proportions within itself that indicates different aspects.
In pursuit of successfully developing skills in drawing, a student should understand how to utilize space in paintings. This essential element provides for other forms to be applied in the correct designs. The correct use of space will help one to draw dimensional shapes without problems of proportion or layout.
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