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Evaluation of Don Weatherburns Journal (Article Critique Sample)


Assignment, English
Source Evaluation
Deadline: 2014-10-06 5:59 AM
Time left: 1 days 2h 48m
Created: 2014-10-03 5:59 AM Level: Undergraduate Grade: Guaranteed 2:1 Standard (Normal Charge);
Pages: 4 Style: MLA Country: [USA (GMT -6)]
Sources: 1 Language Style: English (U.S.) 
Project description
You should choose and evaluate a journal article form our school library website. My school name is California Baptist University.
And give me the article after you done


Evaluation of Don Weatherburn’s Journal on The Pros and Cons of
Prohibiting Drugs
Author’s Name:
Institution Affiliation:
Evaluation of Don Weatherburns Journal on The Pros and Cons of Prohibiting Drugs
The rationale of the research paper was to explore the cons and pros of drug prohibition in Australia using a number of statistical evidence. In support of his objective, the author-Don Weatherburn succeeds in large extent by providing a succinct summary in the abstract part to let the reader know the aim of the paper. His choice of words in the introduction provides a good widespread backdrop of the subject that rapidly gives the reader the pleasure of the need to interrogate whether drug prohibition is worthwhile. He further makes the introduction more substantive with the provision of references to support his claim. Therefore, it becomes easy for other readers who are reading it for the first time to continue reading with confidence. Throughout the body, the author is on track because he clearly distinguished the merits and demerits of prohibition. The first part contains the advantages and related evidence and the second part present the pros and relevant support.
The author- Don Weatherburn has a background in criminology information and study. He is the director of Bureau of crimes and research in Australia and has published a wide range of topics in criminology and crime justice administration among other substantial crime works. In this journal about drug prohibition, the author is not the primary researcher of the cons and pros but rather employs the works of other researchers and statisticians. His references emanate from other published works and therefore he is a secondary source. Interestingly, his background information on topic matter makes it effortless for him to undertake the research. His motivation dons from his passion in criminology and crime justice matters.
The subject explored by the author in this paper is whether Drug prohibition is worthwhile in curbing drug abuse. The author restates the social and financial costs of the repudiation against illegal drugs but argues that prohibition also limits much harm. He uses the uprising of a group known as Australia21 that called for rethink of prohibition in 2012; Arguments to support this assertion are made clear within the paper by highlighting the three areas: the cons, the pros, and deterrence as regarding illegal drugs prohibitions. That way after reading the introduction and first paragraph of each section (cons, pros, and deterrence), the reader would know the purpose, hypothesis, and the findings. Next the author starts the body by drawing five demerits or cons against the criminal drug prohibition. The disadvantages include high cost of enforcement, lack of incapacitation, associated effects, and police tactics favoring the prominence of the act. In the pros side, the author uses a graph to show how prohibition has curbed the illegal drug use. The author further writes the general aspect of understanding this crime through analysis of other methods that can produce a better outcome (deterrence, the non-monetary costs, and monetary costs).
In summarizing the work, the author brings a calm feeling to the reader with a question. "We arrive, then, at the question of whether some other set of laws (besides prohibition) would produce the same or better outcomes at lower financial and social cost (3)." It is the best approach in summing up the research because then; he draws the attention of the reader to the originality of the paper-the Australia21 claim. The author made sure that the reader keeps in touch with of all pros and cons in arriving at common stand. The author further restates the findings in a ...
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