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Facing Homelessness (Article Critique Sample)


The paper sought to critique the website ad the article

Facing Homelessness
"Facing homelessness" is a page in the Seattle Foundation website that tries to create awareness about the sense of being homeless and the responsibility homelessness brings to common people and society. The webpage through art advocacy and visual storytelling is built on the principle that homelessness can be eliminated if the society unites. The foundation has a Facebook account sensitizing the society on the importance of everyone residing on the streets. This non-profit organization believes that the only way to break the negative conventional mindset about homelessness is by getting closer to the homeless. By doing this, people will then develop new attitudes creating new friendships with others. Once a connection has been made, is when the whole society can address this issue with sober minds and reduce its negative impact on the country. /npos/Pages/FacingHomelessness.aspx under this URL, the websites’ sole mission is to eliminate the conventional negative way of thinking about the homeless. Through social media, imagery and storytelling, the Seattle foundation hopes to end the homelessness issue.
When analyzing a website, there are several key aspects to look at audience appeal and tone being the most important. The appeal part can take either or all of the following forms: emotional appeal, logical appeal or authoritarian appeal. From the first glance of the website, o...
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