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Article Review: Ancient Maya Subsistence. Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


An article review about the mayans


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Article Review: Ancient Maya Subsistence
This is an article review on “Ancient Maya Subsistence- or, How they got their groceries Part (1) - Getting Water”. The author is Dr. Herman Smith, who is famous archaeologist who published several articles on archaeology. The author explains in his article how the Ancient Mayans got their grocery, focusing on water (Smith 1).
The author explains the innovative methods that the Mayans used in order to gather water and store them. The Ancient Mayans faced many difficulties, since they did not have any metal tools, the main cities of Tikal and Caracol were located on high landscapes that are difficult to access, there were not any natural wells in the cities, and the fresh water sources were located 300 feet deep of the cities. Even the fact the hotels in Tikal bring fresh water through trucks prove how difficult the issue is. However, the ancient Mayan engineers came up with several clever methods in order to gather and store water (Smith 1).

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