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Global Health: How Can Equality Be Promoted In The Society (Article Critique Sample)


writing a critique of the article the article 'The World We Need' written by Wilkinson and Pickett in regard to Global Health in Inequalities


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Global Health in Inequalities
Summary of the Article
In the article The World We Need written by Wilkinson and Pickett, significant issues regarding inequality in the society are highlighted. Historically, it is evident that countries with higher levels of inequality experience lower rates of economic growth (Wilkinson and Pickett 18). In addition, inequalities have critical impacts on the socialization as well as the health of individuals in the society. Studies have shown that countries with a wider gap between the rich and the poor experience have higher levels of social stratification and class differentiation. As a result, the community lacks coherence, humanity, and social ethics among others. Although trade unions have played a fundamental role in the development of equality in the society, differences in terms of income, employment, social rankings, and taxation have contributed to the widening gap between the rich and the poor in various countries.
What are the Causes of Inequality in the Society?
Researchers have devoted much of their efforts to study the causes of inequality in the society. As Wilkinson and Pickett argue, the widening gap in terms of income is the most critical factor. It is fundamental to note that countries that experience greater disparities concerning employment and earnings have higher levels of poverty and declining social wellbeing. Besides, the social ranking, as a result of an individual's economic status, has an effect on the life expectancy among neighborhoods. Therefore, the inequality in terms of income determines an individual's health as well as social standing.
What is the Role of Trade Unions in the Society?
Another essential factor that has facilitated inequality in the society is the weakening of trade unions. Studies have shown that weaker trade unions lack the power to enhance equality among workers. It is fundamental to note that the strength of trade unions is related to the political status of a given country.

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