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Can Employers Require that Workers Take the Coronavirus Vaccine? (Article Critique Sample)


To demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the published literature by summarizing it in a well-organized- manner and evaluating it critically in the published article 'can employers require that workers take the corona virus vaccine?' by Karin price. The number of reference sources required was one.


Can Employers Require that Workers Take the Coronavirus Vaccine?

The Covid-19 vaccine is rapidly becoming a popular choice around the world, with many companies scrambling to obtain it. many employers have made several attempts to persuade their employees to get vaccinated, but they are having little success. Vaccines are controversial, and some employees' opinions on this subject differ from those of other workers. In her article, Karin Price examines whether or not employers should have dominion over their employees' choice of whether to receive this specific vaccination (Mueller). The pros and cons behind mandatory vaccinations are also explored.
Employers have a legal obligation to keep the workplace environment safe. Companies may require vaccinations if a lack of vaccine poses a direct threat—to other colleagues at work. As of result, employers may impose regulations to ensure that all employees are vaccinated against the virus as a precautionary measure against Covid-19. In doing so, the employer is not looking for more information about one’s personal health impairments or current health status. Therefore, it is not a medical evaluation (Mueller). The regulations of Americans with Disabilities (ADA) do not apply in this scenario. However, that doesn’t imply employers should hurry to implement new vaccine policies.

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