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Rhetorical Analysis of Two Articles Social Sciences Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


A rhetorical analysis of two articles dealing with immigrations issues.


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3 September 2017
Rhetorical Analysis of Two Articles
Since the 9/11 terror attack, immigration has become a hot topic in the United States. In an op-ed article in the New York Times article titled: “Want Geniuses? Welcome Immigrants,” Frank Bruni asserts that immigrants contribute extensively to the American culture through inventions, arts, music, and new insights. The author backs up his argument with some sources, statistics, and facts to build credibility. However, the use of emotional and ethical appeal is most evident in this article. All these persuasive techniques make Bruni’s article suitable for rhetorical analysis. In a Harvard Business Review article titled “Why Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?” by Peter Vandor and Nikolaus Franke,” the authors argue that U.S immigrants are more likely than native-born Americans to become entrepreneurs. The authors use logos and ethos to sway readers to accept their point of view. Vandor and Franke heavily rely on scientific facts and statistics from two experiments to appeal to logos, unlike Bruni’s arguments that are based on pathos and ethos.

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