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Article Review: Demand for Engineers Outruns Supply in Germany (Article Critique Sample)


Article review

Article Review
Demand for Engineers Outruns Supply in Germany
Engineers play a critical role in driving the economy to another level of success. Every country wishes to develop so as to continue sustaining the needs of its citizens. In Germany for instance, there has been a move to embrace cyberspace which now seems to be hampered by an insufficiency in engineer graduates. The article found in wall street journal tends to show the importance of engineers in driving a country towards higher levels of technology. According to the article, every country aiming to embrace digitalism should have more skilled engineers. The article begins by highlighting some of the few people who have played a part in transforming Germany. Some of them like Wurth have been emblematic of the transformation we see in the machinery sector of Germany. Thus, his innovations have made the industrial economy of Germany to thrive. The article continues to show how most Giants are now branching into the cyberspace although the change is creating a problem as it requires engineers with a higher set of skills. So the demand to shift until now it has surpassed the graduates.
One problem being reviewed here is the need to go digital, yet this requires electrical and software engineers which Germany still lacks. In fact, according to this article, the number is likely to triple in the next decade from the current deficit which lies at approximately 12,000 engineers (Mendez-Barreira, 2016). The article concludes by showing that engineers are a necessary input for any country wishing to go digital. Reduced engineers would lead to a little contribution to the economy thereby causing a recession in one way or another.
Engineering and economy have a very close relationship. Therefore, the article is applicable to our lectures, but how? From my perception, engineering is a form of labor required to digitalize the nation. Labor forms a factor of production and production employs economics of scale to determine the feasible level where production is rational. In this case having more engineers would increase the labor by several units. With sufficient units of labor and skilled labor for that matter, the impact of Digitalism would be realized with time. The country would then reach the desired economic heights as production would be enhanced with Digitalism. The world keeps on changing due to advances in technology, and the only way to remain productive is through embracing these technologies and using them to grow.
One point worth noting is that despite the shortage of engineers German still ranks the third-largest manufacturer of machines after U.S and China. Most of the country’s revenues are from exports. The universities have not provided enough engineers, but the small companies have been the greatest suppliers of the engineering expertise (Mendez-Barreira, 2016). A...
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