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Adipose-derived stem cells. Biological & Biomedical Sciences Article (Article Sample)


An overview of Adipose-derived Stem Cells


Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
Adipose tissue or fat is a loose connective tissue derived from the mesoderm composed of adipocytes and a stromal population containing microvascular endothelial cells, smooth muscle, and stem cells. In 2001, Zuk et al., discovered a population of stem cells in human lipoaspirates that could have extensive application on several fields. They initially named this population of cells Processed Lipoaspirate (PLA) cells. This work was proceeded to verify that human adipose tissue is a source of multipotent stem cells (Zuk et al., 2002).
These cells are a subpopulation of the non-adipocyte cell fraction in lipoaspirates, also called the stromal vascular fraction (SVF). Unlike adipocytes, the SVF-cells sediment in aqueous medium and a subset of these cells attach and grow on tissue culture plastic (Lakshmipathy & Verfaillie, 2005).

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