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Neuronal function and fear extintion learning. Article. (Article Sample)


This was a Review journal article with 5 questions to be answered.
there was no need for introduction or conclusion - only need to answer questions with a given format.


Case Study- Ambush Marketing
Case Study- Ambush Marketing
Description of ambush marketing 
Ambush marketing can be understood as a type of marketing strategy in which a company hijacks another advertiser’s campaign to raise awareness of the brand. In most cases, a brand attempts to associate itself with an event without buying the rights and so steal the spotlight from the rival that paid for the official rights. For example, in the year 1997, there was a Pepsi Asia Cup in cricket which had Pepsi as the official sponsors of the event. Coca-cola, on the other hand, bagged the television sponsorship rights of the event, getting the audience confused who the official sponsor of the event was. A second example is the case study event of women FIFA world cup of 2010 in which Budweiser beer had sponsored the event. Bavaria beer participated in ambush marketing in the first round match between the Netherlands and Denmark. Thirty-six ladies infiltrated the match wearing orange mini-dresses all sat at one point within the view of TV cameras. The ladies made themselves very noticeable and were ejected out from the match. 

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