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Analysis Of Plant Maintenance In A Cement Company (Article Sample)

The task was about analysis of plant maintenance in cement companies. This sample is a literature review of such analysis. source..
A Literature Review For The Analysis Of Plant Maintenance In A Cement Company Student's Name Professor's Name January 15, 2019 Introduction As the needs to build buildings, houses, and other infrastructures increase, cement companies are ensuring that their operations are ran efficiently, competently, and productively. This means that employees in cement companies would need to exert efforts in delivering only excellent customer service to clients. In order for employees to do this, they need to ensure that the products they produce are of the highest quality standards. Durable construction infrastructures that are of long-lasting for 30 years or even more are made of products of such quality standards. Body A.- Predictive Maintenance The proper management of capital invested in any business should be the top priority of entrepreneurs (Geetam & Samanta, 2017). Before opening cement company businesses, entrepreneurs need to do an estimate calculation on the actual or approximate cost amount that needs to be invested. After calculating the actual or estimate capital cost amount, entrepreneurs are recommended to consult with market and other financial experts. Entrepreneurs need to find out from such consultation meetings first if they would not have to wait for a long time before the amount of capital invested would be returned by means of profit growth. Entrepreneurs need to obtain detailed analysis from the mentioned experts. Doing so would ensure business owners do not get inaccurate predictive maintenance analysis for their businesses' capital investment risks. Hence, business owners can then decide as to the amount of capital they need to invest in their newly opened cement companies in order to not incur severe profit losses, and eventually, bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs also need to consult with marketing experts as to which market sectors their new soon to open cement companies would likely cater to. Once business owners are able to do this, they would be capable in coming up with the kinds of products they plan to market in their companies. Thereafter, entrepreneurs would also be able to come up with the actual or approximate total amount of capital to be invested that should also cover the costs for the production of the products the companies plan to market and sell. Employees of plant companies are required to be physically and mentally fit enough to endure the long hours of work and strenous workloads involved in their jobs (Akbar & Ghazali, 2017). Such employees may not likely be fit in working for cement companies if they are dealing with multiple physical and/or mental health issues. Hiring managers need to carefully and thoroughly screen job applicants before hiring them. It is helpful if hiring managers are able to include physical and mental competencies demonstration skills assessments in the job application process, in addition to conducting interviews and giving written assessment tests. Including these assessments should maximize the chances of hiring only competent plant workers in cement companies. Competent plant workers are the employees who are able to produce only products of the highest quality standards thhat consumers need and deserve. Business owners should not risk putting their cement companies' reputation at risk by hiring incompetent workers (i.e., workers who are physically and mentally not fit to execute job fucntions). B.-Maintenance Automation 94 percent of the paved roads that are 4 million miles long in the United Staes are composed of asphalt components (Bridgelall, Lee, & Taleqani, 2016). This means that cement components that need to be utilized in constructing these roads have to be carefully selected. Cement company plants that manufacture these asphalt materials have to ensure that their machines are in optimal good conditions. Processor machines that are not working properly in the highest quality are not able to produce high quality durable construction materials. Employees also have to be highly efficient and competent in oeprating processor machines. Mistakes in operating the said machines should not be committed. If operational mistakes are committed, it would be difficult, if not, impossible to rectify the mistakes. If such mistakes are committed, the operator of the said machines would need to reoperate the machines to produce the construction materials of the desired quality by the clients. Employees in cement company plants are highly encouraged to consult with superiors and colleagues if the former are unsure as to whether or not they are doing the right thing when operating the machines. The occurrence of predictable market growth of a company primarily depends upon how the production and distribution of its products are being handled at all times (Mridula, 2015). Having said this, it is also important to note that hard working employees are the workers who should go the extra mile in operating the processing machines in cement companies to produce the products the clients only desire. These employees usually think out of the box when they encounter issues in the operation of such machines in the production units of the plant companies. Hard working employees do not solely depend upon the instructions and guidance of managers and supervisors when getting things done at work. These employees are resourceful in coming up ways to resolve the issues they have to deal with at anytime at work. Hard working plant employees are the assets of cement companies. These employees are the keys to the companies' achievement of success in maintaining the high quality and proper functioning of their processing and automation production machines. Without these employees, cement plants should surely suffer a great deal of losses. As such, cement plant companies, thus, make sure the companies' personnel departments do their best in retaining the said employees. C. Employee Training Programs One of the major challenges that human resources department of any companies faces is being able to short list only competent employees for hiring (Srimannarayana, 2016). As such, hiring executives just can not afford to go wrong in hiring the wrong people to work for their companies. Human resources department managers do come up with the smartest ways to screen competencies of prospective employees before they officially hire people. One of the smartest ways to further assess the skills and talents of short listed employees is to implement an employee training program prior to officially extending job offers to hired employees. Excellent written communication skills are prequisites for employees to be competent , once hired (Mitchell, 2015). As such. these skills are prerequisites in passing job application written assessments. It is crucial that applicants successfully pass job interviews and assessments before they are short listed to participate in employee training programs. Employee training programs are usually implemented right after the interview and assessment stages of the job application process. These programs may also be referred to as being equivalent to the "trial job training period" of potential employees that are to be hired. One of the main criterias that needs to be included in the evaluation check list for the employee training programs is the assessment of the levels of employee engagement of the shortlisted trainee participants. Potential employees who are willing to become engaging employees, if hired, are less likely to file sick leaves and complaints against their employers, among others (Leeds & Nierle, 2014). Thus, consequently, such employees are able to productively contribute to the growth and betterment of the general well-being of the companies they work for. Employees hired who are ethical in executing their duties and responsibilities at work are the workers who are likely not going to damage the company's well-being and growth in any way possible (Hough, Green, & Plumlee, 2015). Employee training program trainors also need to see that participating employee trainees do observe employee ethical behaviors. Ethical employees should be less likely to become liabilities in companies. In fact, these employees are the prized assets of any companies. It is important to note that skilled trainors in employee training programs are also the people who are eventually able to motivate or encourage prospective employees to be loyal to the companies, if these employees are eventually hired (Adler, Brown, Dehejia, Domat, & Robertson, 2017). . Competent human resource management systems produce skilled trainors in employee training programs (Adler et al., 2017). Shortlisted job applicants for managerial positions in cement companies should undergo managerial coaching trainings (Ali & Aziz, 2018). Managerial coaching trainings enhance potential managers' leadership abilities and talents. Prospective managers are not able to improve the skills mentioned if they do not undergo managerial coaching trainings. Hiring executives and managers need to let job applicants know that agreeing to go through the employee training programs do not guarantee that the job applicants would receive job offers at the end of the training. Human resources department personnel members need to draft employee training programs agreements. These agreements need to specify the time frame and terms and conditions that cover the entire employee training programs. Additionally, the agreements should also specify the grading rubric standards in assessing the performances of trainees while in the program. The grading rubric standards should specifically indicate th...
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