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The Presence Of Virtue Ethics And Critical Thinking (Article Sample)


The task was about virtue of ethics and critical thinking. The sample was about application of ethics and use of critical thinking in the business environment.


Virtue Ethics and Critical Thinking
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Critical thinking is an important element in the everyday life. Every average human being has the ability to think, however, to think critically one has to have the required knowledge and skills. It allows one to develop good arguments free from errors when handling a given issue before drawing their conclusions (Centre for Innovation in Legal Education, 2016). The development in technology turns the world into a global market. Participants in the business arena globally must employ critical thinking in their decisions. However, when making business decisions, decision-makers should consider their moral norms and values.
Virtue ethics is an art that requires one to ensure he or she does not compromise their moral standards when making decisions (Brusseau, 2012). The following are some of the ethical issues facing decision makers in the business world. Diversified cultural beliefs and practices, government and international regulations and policies regarding business operations, the welfare of the organization's stakeholders, and competition from the competitors (Legum, 2015). Decision makers must consider these ethical issues when ca

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