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Information Literacy Communications & Media Article (Article Sample)


The task here was to evaluate literacy amongst people. This sample talks about how others have found about literacy and how it is upheld


Information Literacy
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Part One: Annotated Bibliography
Becker, B. W. (2018). Information literacy in the digital age: Myths and principles of digital scholarship. School of Information Student Research Journal, 7(2), 2.
The librarians traditionally were the champions of the information literacy in which they adopted it as a basic principle of profession and equal access to both knowledge and its creation. This topic contains more publications in that the information about age has shifted to the digital information; hence there is no need to discuss how information literacy is changing. The information requirements can now be generated through digital materials. This article entails the discussion involving the evaluation of the different items of the two scholarships, some of the basic principles and instruction of the learning on literacy information in the digital age.
Source Type
The research by Becker (2018) is a journal article discussing the information literacy according to the digital age.
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