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Engineering Article: Liquefied Natural Gas In Nigeria (Article Sample)


tHE TASK WAS TO WRITE A 600 WORD ARTICLE USING TWO SOURCES TO DISCUSS THE PRODUCTION OF LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS IN NIGERIA. discus how the nigerian government is protecting the environment and what it is doing to increase revenue.

Liquefied natural gas in Nigeria
Expanding the production of liquefied natural gas is a key focus of the Federal government of Nigerian. It seeks to come up with strategies to expand the project from the current two trains to a staggering five trains. The liquefied natural gas plant site located on Bonny Island in Nigeria has the capability of holding and accommodating five liquefied natural gas trains. This fact has compelled the Federal government of Nigeria to want to maximize on the potential of the plant and increase the revenue generated by the plant. The Nigerian is committed to see that the Nigerian gas reserves are being exploited in the most profitable and environmental conscious ways possible. It is doing this by developing mechanisms that are overseeing the reduction of flaring. Nigeria has numerous gas reserves that do not pose a huge challenge when it comes to exploiting them. Unlike the liquefied natural gas reserves from most Arab nations, the one supplied to Europe by Nigeria is not reliant on the use of the Suez Canal for transportation.
Technical and commercial studies have enabled the government of Nigeria to constitute an expansion team that oversees the expansion of production of liquefied natural gas in the country. The plants have been developed and equipped in a way that they are be able to process a variety of feed gas mixtures. This facilitates the maximization of associated gas usage by upstream gas suppliers. Consequently resulting to the reduction of gas flaring in the country by sixty percent (Kennedy-Darling,2008).The availability of richer forms of feed gas to the plants translate to the plants being in a position to produce large quantities of liquefied natural gas. The federal government of Nigeria has entrusted the Nigerian liquefied natural gas limited to come up with various strategies to process, ship, and effectively market the country’s vast gas resources. It does so in an economic manner that guarantees profitable returns in the end. The company has also been tasked by the government with the responsibility of putting out flares as a way of protecting the environment. Only in rare cases are flares used to get rid gases that cannot be made use of or as a safety mechanism to reduce the stress on the plant. This is done by releasing flares through pressure valves only when necessary.
The federal government of Nigeria carries out “duty of care” audits on the Nigerian liquefied natural limited gas to ensure that the company adheres to the set up regulations. These are the regulations regarding the proper handling and disposal of and treatment of solid waste. Post impact assessments of the effects the water effluent from the Nigerian liquefied natural gas company will have on the recipient water bodies are conducted. They ensure and guarantee that no harm will be caused to the environment as a result of discharging these wastes into those water bodies. The government is also seeing to it that facilities that handle and deal with the incineration of combust...
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