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Organizational Justice Effects On Job Insecurity And Performance (Article Sample)


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Organizational Justice Effects on Job Insecurity and Performance
Organizational Justice Effects on Job Insecurity and Performance
1 Summary
The article highlights how job insecurity affects the productivity and performance of employees. The economic uncertainties have played a crucial role in reducing job security levels. Accordingly, employees have heightened fears of losing their jobs. Many workers have highlighted the fact that job security is an important element of job satisfaction. According to the article, employers need to provide job security to avoid the employees experiencing work stress and negative emotional reactions that may impede their job performance. Even so, the current job market has been marred by short-term contracts, which has heightened job insecurity levels and consequently affect employee performance negatively. Concisely, there is a need for employers to enhance their ability to buffer the negative effects to the workforce on the onset of job insecurity and market uncertainties.
Organizational justice has been noted for its ability to enhance job security within an organization. The article highlights the uncertainty management theory (UMT), which is influential in providing organizational leaders with a platform of applying fair judgment particularly when an organization is faced with uncertainties. Organizational justice provides an avenue for the staff to cope with uncertainties in their jobs. Enhanced organization justice plays a crucial role in ascertaining that employees are motivated to register higher workplace performance because of the perception that productivity will save the company from failing and ultimately secure their jobs. On the other hand, unfair decision-making by the management has the negative effect of ensuring that employees are not inspired and consequently look for alternative employment opportunities.
The article argues that organizational justice is a crucial element of enhancing job security and subsequently improve the employees' satisfaction and performance. In contrast, unfair judgments elicit a feeling of uncertainty affecting the motivation of the employees to be more productive and enhance the success of the company in overcoming the challenges prevailing in the market.
2 Evidence Suggesting this is a Scholarly Article
The article portrays a number of characteristics indicating that it is a scholarly article. The inclusion of references is one of the indicators that it is a scholarly article. Evidently, using past literature to conduct the current research has been crucial in providing relevant and updated information related to the topic.

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