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What The Rich Do With Their Time That The Poor And Middle Class Don't (Article Sample)


A motivational article


I was taking some student tutorials one very evening and after a while, I asked them this very question.
'Do you think that to get rich is by mere luck? '
Some replied with a yes but most of them said no and after that, I asked them the meaning of the word 'luck' and I also got varied answers. Some say it normally comes from God alone and others said it just a thing of nature.
When ever we think about the word luck, we normally think it's just a thing that happens by mere chance but little did we know that luck do come as a result of proper time management. In essence, riches do come as a result of proper time management.
Whenever we hear of individuals who possess great amount of wealth, we wonder how they acquire such wealth but what we fail to see is the reason behind such wealth. We only see the by product, which is the wealth itself but we never bother to ask the secret behind such wealth.
I was opportuned to visit a very high class individual during the Muslim festive period and during the course of the visit, there was one thing I noticed about this man which I should never forget.
Being a very well to do individual meant that he lives in a very good looking duplex with expensive finishes both in and out of the building. The flat screen TV on the wall of his sitting room is so big to the extent that when you step into the sitting room, you imagine yourself being in a cinema but one thing I took home from the visit is that though he had a very large television set in his sitting room, I barely saw him seated in the sitting room watching the TV and instead, you find him sitting down in a room which he actually called his library with lots of books resting on the table some of which happened to be so voluminous to the extent that when you lift them up, you feel you are carrying something heavy on your hand.
From the little time I spent with him, I noticed he was a voracious reader who spend most of his time analyzing papers and journals and from that very moment, I asked myself this simple question
"If such a well to do individual could still spend most of his time reading, what about we the youths who are still coming up"?
After pondering about my observation, it became very clear to me that the very first secret of the rich is not really a secret at all. It is what you and I both have at our disposal but most people fail to realize it. Some have a called it the most valuable asset of man ever known but I decided to make it my number one secret of the rich
Secret 1: The rich invest with their time
When ever we study the daily routine activities of the rich, we noticed that they have a different pattern of spending their time. They spend their time on things that are productive, things that yield results in the long run unlike the poor who spend most of their time sitting in front of their television set and the middle class who spend most of their time working to make other people rich.
The rich understood the fact that their time is their most valuable asset on earth and to achieve what they hope to achieve, they have to maximize it. A time not spent well is a time lost and a time lost can never be found and besides, everything is a function of time one way or the other. Even our daily existence is measured by time.
I once read a book written by John Maxwell titled "Make Today Count " and in that book, he states clearly the fact when given two individuals to study for 24 hours, by the end of the day, he could tell which of them would be successful and which will not just by studying how they spent their time.
By mere looking at what people spend time on, you could determine in what direction their life is heading towards.
Whenever we hear of wealthy individuals, we like to conclude by saying that they were lucky to have such wealth but little did we know that luck come to those who are ready to receive it and to be ready means you have to be prepared. It is when preparation meets opportunity that success will follow and that's one major difference between those who succeed and those who don't.
The rich continuously invest in themselves with their time thus making themselves to become better with each passing minute and the best investment according to Warren Buffet is not investing in stock or mutual funds, neither is it investing in real estate or something else but the best investment is self investment. By making yourself to become better everyday, you increase your chances of becoming successful in whatever you chose to do rather than staying average. when you don't risk the usual for the extraordinary,you will have to settle for mediocrity.
To illustrate my point clearly, let's juxtapose the lifestyle of this two students and seeing what they spend time, we can determine which amongst the t

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