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Smart TV Literature & Language Article Research Paper (Article Sample)


smart tv


It Is Smart TV Era in Kenya.
This article analyses the usage of smart televisions in Kenya.
In recent past, one needed to acquire just a television set, an aerial and start watching local channels only. However, a law was enacted to cause a revolution that saw all analog televisions closed and here came more decent and updated televisions, smart TV and digital TV.
Back to main discussion. Smart TV is the one integrated with internet as well as possesses web features that allow users to stream videos, music and browse the internet. They are available as “self-contained” products. This type of television allows online system updates or installation on demand through app store. These are more complex televisions because they have ability to broadcast local channels as well akin digital televisions. Their difference with regular TV is that they support Bluetooth, ethernet, Wi-Fi and flash memory. Usability and control are enhanced by use of wireless input devices such as keyboards, mice, smartphones and tablets.
The development of this type of device has reshaped the usage patterns. It is gaining popularity in Kenya and world at large. Citizens are in rush to acquire these technologically advanced devices.
Majority have acquired them for prestige while others for business reasons by the fact that they allow for internet connectivity. Home online jobs can be attended to.
Why acquire a Smart tv in Kenya?
* One can access to a large number of channels that offer TV programs without connecting to an antenna or making subscription.

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