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Negligent Tort, Various Products, Manufacturers (Article Sample)


instructions are that, the student should identify an article in which a product was recalled by consumer product safety COMMISSION, then identify the reasons BEHIND the calling off, and under which basis of the law


Negligent Tort
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In a Situation whereby an individual who owes a particular duty to another, acts as unreasonable or irresponsible person toward the other leading to personal damage or even monetary damages is referred to as Negligent Tort and therefore this act is not deliberate (Speiser, Krause, & Gans, 2003).
Manufacturers of various products have the duty to produce products which assure healthy safety or any other safety to the consumers. To ensure that this safety is realized, a body in the United States was formed: known as The Consumer Product Safety Commission (US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 1996). It is an independent body of the government which aims at promoting the safety of all consumer products. They achieve this by addressing the risks of injury of the various products, they also coordinate recalls, develops uniform safety standards through a comprehensive research.
In its bid to control and enhance the safety of consumers, the Commission has for many years recalled products which deemed to be unsafe for consumer use. One of the products which were recalled is known as Blomberg and Summit electric ranges manufactured by Arçelik A.S. Company of Turkey with a recall number being 17-159.
This product was recalled by the U.S Consumer product Safety Commission (CPSC). The reason which contributed to the recall was that the product poses some hazards in that being an electric range, it can be energized hence posing electric shock and also electrocution dangers to the consumers who happen to touch the product. The product was recalled on the 19th of May 2017 due to the danger it posed to its consumers (CPSC, 2017, May 19).
The electric ranges were usually sold in stainless steel, and black, and they included the Blomberg BERU 24200 SS, BERU 24100SS and also the Summit CLRE24 24-inch wide free-standing glass top electric ranges. The design of the product is made in that the lower frame of the product has a label indicated as Blomberg or Summit which is the model name and also it has the 10 digits serial number.
Before the product was recalled, on August 2016, one of the consumers of the product who was a 52-year-old professional plumber from Portsmouth died from electrocution when he comes in contact with the energized electric range. The product has been on the market for years, since 2012 and various companies, which include AJ Madison, State Street Discount among other various stores have been the primary sellers of the product. After the product had been recalled, the consumers were advised to cease using the product and also avoid touching it until the repair is done. They were also advised to immediately call the firm which could contact free onsite inspections and repairs.
The company which manufactured is liable for the damage caused by the product under the Consumer Protection Act which can also be termed as the law of negligence. This is because as per the manufacturer

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