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Auditing and Governance for Risk Assessments Management Article (Article Sample)


Auditing and Governance for Risk Assessments
View the attached document for instructions. Good punctuation and spelling is needed.
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Page length: 2-3 pages
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Auditing and Governance for Risk Assessments
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Assignment Due Date
High-Level Summary Plan to Mitigate a Disaster in Information System
The most commonly experienced disasters in information systems are cyber-attacks that lead to privacy breaches. A real-life example of a disaster in information systems was the Dalil App incidence in 2019. Dalil, a popular caller ID mobile app in Saudi Arabia, reported having experienced an intrusion in their user data in April 2019, which led to the exposure of information of over five million users of the app. The app is among the most popular platforms in Saudi Arabia extensively used to search mobile numbers and protect users against scammers. Investigations from vpnMentor suggested that the app's information could have been publicly exposed through a maliciously configured MongoDB database (Bussoletti, 2019). Data privacy that was compromised from the incident included users' mobile numbers, GPS location, IP address, and SIM card numbers, which Dalil usually collected by default. The risk exposed the users to huge risks, both security-wise and economically. Follow up investigations by vpnMentor later exposed that the privacy breach was a result of the web mapping project.

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