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How to Restart a Company (Article Sample)

the paper required a summary of an already written article. source..
Paper Title Author Name of the University Course Name/Number/Assignment Number Given the details of the events of the case, would you have made the same decision as the owner?  If yes, explain why and if no, give your reasons. Presented with the very facts, I would have made the same resolution as the owner. However, I would fine tune my financial planning. I would endeavor to get all the details as pertains to what led to the closure of the company before acquiring its assets although it is claimed to have had financial crises. I would also try to understand the kind of relationship that existed between Premier Logistic and their clients and suppliers since poor relationship can affect current Barkley’s operations, as was the case in the end. It is factual that some people had nothing good to say about the previous company. By not getting a line of credit at the beginning of her business, Sauve made the right decision given that she already had $40,000 in credit card debts and spent all her saving. More debt from the bank would endanger her business and personal life. In my opinion, waiting for some months till the company started generating revenue and recouping its operational costs then securing the line of credit was a perfect idea. Sauve hit $20,000 in sales in the month of July contrary to sales of $100,000 in April. Her focus on small and medium jobs and shipments as opposed to big ones was an excellent idea too, as job effectiveness was enhanced and won customers’ trust once more. Nevertheless, they hardly paid the tracking companies on time without external financing. In my view, it was appropriate to apply for a line with the bank even if this meant using her assets as collateral. I remain optimistic: the higher the risk, the higher the return. Based on the options for financing given by experts at the end of the case, give your own advice as to what you have determined to be the best course of action for Premier (as the new company) and give informed reasons why. As my opinion was at the start, I would have advised her to pay more attention to financial planning and understand the past customer-supplier relationship before getting into the business. This information would be of paramount importance in her plann...
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