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Gender evolution within the workplace.Social Sciences Article (Article Sample)


The evolution of women in the workplace


Evolution of women at the workplace.
Over the years, women have been fighting for their rights as far as the workplace is concerned. Many human rights champions have come out strongly to condemn the unfair and unjust treatment of women at the workplace. This has not only led to the rise of famous feminist have led revolutions all in a bid to have women recognized as an integral part of the labour force community. This can be dated back to the 19th century whereby women were not generally expected to work but rather just stay back at home and take care of the kids as they perform some domestic chores in the house as the man out there breaking a sweat in some formal job. I will place focus on specifically the American woman and the struggle experienced as she tries to fight for her position within the labour force. Women generally have been discriminated in all spheres of society to the extent that even in regions there was legislation that prohibited them from holding any position of power let alone even vote during an election.
Before the civil war, all seemed calm and normal as women had taken their domestic role and owned it but it was during the World War 1 where men had to go to the battlefield for the sake of Americans. It was at this point that women took up the role of men at different workstations and the narrative changed from then as they tried to position themselves as active members who could equally compete with men and play a key role in development. During the Progressive era which dates between 1890 to 1920 and the main agenda of citizens taking the government to task in regards to government playing a more inclusive role in the development agenda especially on social reforms and key among them was on the suffrage of women. Most women took up this opportunity to address their challenges and even went on ahead to form labour unions and governments went on to set up labour courts to address such matters. Thus discrimination against women started to be more outspoken and women became more vocal about raising awareness on the issue till to date. Such historical occurrences are what we are still witnessing to date as more and more women are still fighting for their place in society in regards to the leadership of states and communities as well attaining top-level management positions in workplaces

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