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Sustainability Diagnosis of Colgate-Palmolive Corporation (Article Sample)


Part 2: The Current Product and Sustainability Diagnosis.
1. Executive Summary – formal language, statement of problem/issues, recommendations.
2. Table of Contents.
3. Sustainability Goals for Product – e.g. pollution prevention, resource conversation (water, raw materials), zero emission (Renewable energy), waste reduction, social impact (fair wages)
4. Situation Analysis – business environment e.g. government regulation, economic and social impact, and impact on TBL, trends of sustainable development.
5. Market and Marketing Summary – identify target segment, new position in the market, market needs that should be satisfied / customer benefits.
6. Marketing Mix – New 4Ps: Product (brands, features, USP, benefits), Price (retail), Promotion (retail), Place (stores/online). Related the 4Ps to sustainable framework (LCA, circular economy etc.)
7. Environmental Impact Projection: Lifecycle analysis and Impact, Output, 3Rs and how it will benefit the environment and social
8. Implementation and control – design and control of new sustainable initiative.


Part 2: Colgate company.
Executive summary.
Colgate-Palmolive Corporation is one of the globe's leading consumer goods firms, serving individuals in over 200 nations. Colgate and Palmolive are two big brands that the business offers, produces, and distributes dental care, individual care, home care, and pet food products. In the verbal consideration section, Colgate is the most well-known brand, while Palmolive is renowned for its splendor and its individuality segments (Agarwal, 2015). Colgate-Palmolive also sells pet food and treats via Hill's Pet Nutrition that manufactures science diet and pet food solution. The headquarters of the organization are located in New York City, New York.
Colgate's long-term commitment to sustainability fuels its growth while cooperating with its consumers, suppliers, and clients to grow its market and to Give the World Reasons to Smile. As 2020 came to a close, they focused on their next phase in achieving 2020 sustainability targets, with appreciation to everyone at Colgate who contributed to their plans 2025. They have reinforced the community's health and well-being, have improved their commodities, and have contributed through their efforts to preserve the precious resources of the earth.
This study contains sustainable information from manufacturing and technology centers of Colgate around the world.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Part 2: Colgate company PAGEREF _Toc65069956 \h 1Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc65069957 \h 1Table of Contents PAGEREF _Toc65069958 \h 2Sustainability Goals3Situational Analysis4Market and Marketing Summary5Market mix6Environmental Impact Projections7Implementation and Control8References….9 PAGEREF _Toc65069976 \h 1
Sustainability Goals.
To produce key products such as dental paste, bowls, bar and fluid purifiers, antiperspirants, dishwashing products, texture conditioners, family cleaners, and strength pet food, Colgate follows a well-defined methodology. Colgate is confronted with enormous existing opportunities and barriers in the area of sustainability as they reach a new decade. Caring, Continuous Improvement, and Global Teamwork are all company principles linked to the idea of preserving both the enterprise and the world for future generations. Colgate-Palmolive announced its 2025 plan in November 2020, focusing on three main objectives: foster social impacts, help thousands of homes, and environmental preservation.
The global production teams at Colgate-Palmolive Company have lowered the total emission of CO2 by a third, electricity usage by a third, and water consumption by half (Wallace 2021).
In both of these critical sectors, Colgate achieved or exceeded the cinematic goals for 2020, compared to the ton of 

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