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The Impact of Stakeholders on an Organisation's Goals Business Article (Article Sample)


the task was to write an article for iqualify uk students which is accessible to them in the teaching zone. the sample is about "The Impact of Stakeholders on an Organisation's Goals" considering A Case of Hisrays NGO.


The Impact of Stakeholders on an Organisation's Goals: A Case of Hisrays NGO.
1.0 Introduction
An organisation has diverse stakeholders whose interests can be conflicting and their goals divergent from organisational goals. This implies that in strategy making, an organisation must consider management of such stakeholder groups in order to meet the organisation’s strategic goals and in future be able to fulfil the set mission (Bryson, 2004; Ackermann and Eden, 2011). Therefore stakeholder groups must be strategically managed since they can have significant positive or negative impact on performance and survival of an organisation. This article appraises/evaluates the impact of stakeholders on an organisation’s goals using Hisrays as an example. Hisrays is an indigenous non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Kyenjojo District, Uganda, East Africa (
2.0 The Impact of Stakeholders on an Organisation's Goals
2.1 Stakeholders and an Organisation’s Goals
Stakeholders are individuals or groups of individuals who can impact on and be impacted on by an organisation’s activities/operations (Bryson, 2004; Ackermann and Eden, 2011; Sciarelli and Tani, 2013). Such stakeholders can have: complex interactions and relationships; diverse and sometimes conflicting interests in and demands on the organisation; and varying power (Bryson, 2004; Slabá, 2014; Timmis, 2015). Examples of stakeholders of Hisrays include: beneficiaries/clients; donors/funders; NGO Bureau/regulator; members; promoters and directors; employees; the media; community in general; etc. These stakeholders determine whether Hisrays’ goals can be met and mission fulfilled (Inha, 2015). Similarly, in attempting to meet the goals, Hisrays’ operations will impact on activities of these stakeholders. This implies that the organisation and its stakeholders impact on each other. This is why Hisrays, as an NGO, has to continually be able to answer questions that stakeholders may raise about its effectiveness in providing high quality services of a given quantity; its reliability as suitably able to deliver the services; and its legitimacy in terms of the relevance and necessity of its services to the beneficiaries (Jordan, n.d.; Kourula, 2006). To always be able to answer/respond to such questions, there is a strategic need to identify stakeholders and manage them in order to effectively implement strategy and meet strategic goals (Ackermann and Eden, 2011).

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