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Film And Theater Studies Visual & Performing Arts Article (Article Sample)


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Paper details: According to Arjun Ghosh, what are some of the practical concerns that Jana Natya Manch faces as a street theatre troupe? Give an example from the article.
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Indian street theater has conventionally remained dynamic having seen years of socio-political upheavals. Arjun Ghosh while celebrating the long strides taken by Indian street theater, finds it worthwhile to have a reappraisal of some of the practical societal concerns it faces. Presently, with civil and technological advancements, the objectives of street theater troupe’s performances such as Jana Natya Manch have diversified and are no longer the same. The uniqueness of some of the practical concerns faced lies in the way Jana Natya Manch as a street theater group portrays contemporary issues especially during India’s post-independence phase in which the team turned to developmental socio-civil activism aimed at the restoration of the eroding fiber of Indian morals and cultural values. Additionally, Jana Natya Manch post-independence street theater targeted eliminating the increasing social stratification and caste system pitting the working class and the owners of the factors of production, much to the reprieve of the former(Whybrow, Nicolas).

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