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Sultanate of Oman Olympics (Article Sample)




Sultanate of Oman Olympics
Sport is essential in our lives as it completes the totality of society through morals and ethics of athletes as well as spectators. Additionally, it is essential to our health and wellbeing (Rimm “Importance of Sports”). The most popular sports in the country of Oman are dhow racing, horse racing, falconry, camel racing and their favorite, bull butting (Akbari “Traditional Sports in Oman”). Moreover, a majority of sports in the country are traditional representing the heritage and history of the country. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs operates to build cooperation and peaceful relations with the US and other nations through sports, academics, and cultural activities. Moreover, the Bureau promotes mutual understanding through sports and cultural engagements (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs). The objective of making this analysis was to assess the role of minority groups in sports in the country of Oman. Consequently, findings will be used to promote the involvement of sports by the minority groups while promoting peace at the same time.
The target population is women and children who are interested and able to engage in sports. Research methods used were interviews and questionnaires for youths in schools and focus groups with my colleagues. Additionally, data from secondary sources was essential for accessing the number of women and youth involved in sports. Key outcomes revealed that a significant number of women in the country do not undertake sports activities. Additionally, religion and the cultural nature of most games limit the competition to men. Moreover, the number of youths in engaging in sports represents a fair portion of the total population.
The research methodology entailed interviewing youth people in schools on their perception of sports. The primary results were that all the people including women were content with the situation. However, from reading journals and articles they portray women as oppressed and subjected to follow patriarchal rules. Additionally, their understanding of the importance of sports as a peaceful way to interact was captured. This was done through face to face interviews and filling of surveys. The second method involved research on the numbers of women engaging in sports in Oman. Secondary data was used to access statistics on the enrolment of youth in sports. Consequently, the data was derived from books, journals and online resources. Information from these methods was used in focus groups to infer the extent of involvement in sports in Oman. Data collected was both qualitative that is, the interviews and focus groups and also quantitative in this case the questionnaires.
The samples for interviews were randomly done to avoid bias. Likewise, the questionnaires were randomly distributed. Finally, the main problems encountered were the lack of a real sample due to geography. Consequently, inferring from the samples had numerous discrepancies.
The importance of the research was to gain knowledge of the role sport in the advancement of minority rights and promotion of peace. The proportion of women involved in sports is negligible compared with the population. Subsequently, this can be attributed to the culture and religion of the Oman Society. The country is mainly Muslim with the role of women mostly restricted to home duties. Additionally, women in sports are culturally viewed as disrespectful and against the social norms of the society.
However, the numbers of youths in both genders significantly engage in sports. This changes as they advance in the age where the male gender continues with sports as females drop out. Likewise, the trend can be associated with the role of women in society and the effect of religion. The findings complement each other on

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