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Why Young People Live Separately From Their Parents (Article Sample)



Why Young People from ages 18-25 should live separately from their parents.
At one point or another in life, everybody lives under the care of a parent, if not, then under the care of someone that cares for them (a guardian). Even the street urchins have somewhere they call home whether it's under a bridge or behind an abandoned building and in that place, they have someone who tells them what to do and what not to do. As people become of age, they begin to feel awkward being under the same roof with their parents and guardians for various reasons. These reasons include: They feel they are of age and are able to take care of themselves, they feel they need much more privacy, they feel they require to learn more about living in a world with a diverse community and not being confined in the same environment for life.
In many countries around the globe, the majority age/ the age one requires to be identified as an adult is 18 years old. Once a child hits 18 years old and above, they begin to feel of age and people who are able to make right decisions and solve issues here and there. It is this age that most people are already staying on campus away from their parents (in the campus dorms/ hostels) or others even hire apartments as a group of three or five students (Michael, Helfand). They begin to interact with one another and to converse about various issues affecting their lives as teens (Stephanie, Postles). They make discoveries about what they want and who they really are. As a result of this, when the semester closes, they would feel so awkward or out of place going back to their parent’s house and staying with them since they would feel that they are in a so much controlled environment. An environment where they cannot be able to explore who they are and make decisions concerning various aspects of their academic, professional, social, spiritual and economic life.
To begin with, youth between the age of 18 and 25 should stay from their parents because, by law, they are adults. Even though there is no legal injunction put upon on teens between that age that they should stay away from their parents, nature would automatically spew them out of their parent's house in one way or another (Stephanie, Postles). Some parents are very protective of their children, and they are so reluctant to let their children stay away from them because they feel that they would misbehave and be irresponsible once they are out of their (parents) sight (Oprah, Winfrey). Being protective about the teens is good. However, they should also be given a chance to grow on their own and to learn from their mistakes because watching them like they will never grow up and be responsible will only make them irresponsible. On the other hand, the children, after acquiring this age, would want to live alone and a number of parents permit them to. This is a good move and decision from both ends because the child would learn the art of being responsible enough to take care of him/herself while the parent would be able to judge if he/she raised their child well enough to enable them to stand firm in the midst of problems and storms that come through in the journey of life (Michael, Helfand).
Responsibility does not only mean that they (the youth) should exclusively learn to take good care of themselves by avoiding wrong friends, avoiding acts such as smoking, drinking, robbing, taking drugs or even choosing to drop out of school, but it’s also about ensuring that those around them are doing well and are in a good condition. Helping people is a part of life that the youth should learn and they can’t be able to practically learn this while they are still under the roofs of their parents. They may successfully learn to give (out of what their parents have given them) and not know how it means to give or take care of someone’s problem out of their hard earned money. The two situations are very different and letting them stay away from parents helps to mold such characters (of generosity, love, and endurance). All these narrows down to being responsible (Oprah, Winfr...
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