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The Beautiful and Natural Rood Bridge Park (Article Sample)


In this task, students were required to identify a location they are familiar with, identify two objectives that best describe the location and write a two-page article describing the place. Using MLA format, I wrote about Rood Bridge Park. “Beautiful” and “Natural” are the two objectives I used to describe the park. This article is 2 pages (Approximately 550 words).


The Beautiful and Natural Rood Bridge Park

Rood Bridge Park is a municipal park that is located in Southeast Hillsboro. The park opened in 1999 and sits on 24 ha of land North of River Tualatin. The Rood Bridge Park is a beautiful and natural place.
Rood Bridge Park is beautiful because of the vast green vegetation present in the park. Trees at the Park goes for more than thirty feet high. These trees tend to remind me of how small I am. The trees are covered with a million leaves, filling the park with the serenity of the green, natural vegetation. Grass also stretches for several miles. Moss, plants, bushes and shrubs also claim a significant space within the park. Visiting the park can make you feel like you have landed at the center of the Green Giants' belly button, with so much green vegetation enveloping you.
The beauty of the park can further be explained by its breathtaking scenery. You will never want to leave the scene present at the park, and if you do, a photo will still not be sufficient to do justice. The scene encompasses running water and other water bodies situated at different places across the park. Ponds, a couple of small creeks, and good size streams tend to run through the park. These features make Rood Ridge Park a perfect place to visit to cool off and enjoy the beauty of nature in such a peaceful environment.

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