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History Article About Touristic article of Barbados (Article Sample)


the paper was a Touristic article of Barbados. An analysis of the determinants of demand for tourism in Barbados. it describes The historical content of the Island that brings a lot of anxiety and interest in the nation.

Touristic article of Barbados
Barbados is an island formed due to the collision between Caribbean plates and the Atlantic crustal. The island is unique since it is a merger of two terrestrial masses. The Amerindians were the first inhabitants of the island from Venezuela. The earliest inhabitants were farmers growing agricultural products such as peanuts and papaws. The Portuguese came later through Brazil coming up with the name Los Barbados. The British landed on the Island from 1625 to 1644 and claimed most of the lands in the area. They later colonized the Island and introduced the famous sugar plantation in the Island. The British occupied the land and ruled it as part of their company (Dharmaratne 806). The colony gained their full independence in 1966 and it is now a sovereign state. Its Headquarter is located in Bridgetown in the seaport. The geographical location of the Island influenced the culture and the economics of the occupants. The Island, characterized with less mountainous features and various types of plants and animal species act as a link between Western Europe and South America. The land in the Island consists of rocks, clays and conglomerates. Its highest mountain, Mt. Hillaby, rises to a height of 336 meters. The Island drops down in a magnificent in the sea forming a sequence of terraces while declining to the to the Scotland District side (de Arellano 807). There are major water sources in the Island with a few streams and springs. However, the underlining coralline stores water for the domestic use besides the additional water from desalination plant. The Island cherishes luxurious accommodations in the coast of its beaches with a tropical climate. The trade winds cool the hot climate making it enjoyable.
The historical content of the Island brings a lot of anxiety and interest in the nation. The Island is unique since history has it that it emerged from collisions of two terrestrial lands. Its formation sparks interest among all tourists in the World despite their location. The Island stands alone in the Atlantic Ocean, a fact worth arising interest in the nation. The Island experienced harsh slavery in its early times to work in the large sugarcane plantations. Most of the slaves came from West African countries and other Indians deemed weaker by the Whites. The Island experienced one of the worst hurricane in the world history that claimed thousands of lives. (Lorde et al.210). Besides that, the southern part of the Island that hosts the Bridgetown was once completely a huge swamp in the Island history. The latest interest in the Island by most of the young people is that it is the birthplace of a renowned artist, Rihanna. Rihanna was born in the Island where she lived for 16 years before migrating to the United States to further her career in music. She is the pride of the country since her once too often visit to the country attracts many fans the Island. Back in 2004, Tiger Woods chose it as the best location to celebrate his marriage. The act added a positive image and sold the country as one the best tourist attraction site in the world. Ever since, the geographical and political history has played a good role in captivating interests of the Island. Everyone with a sufficient knowledge of the Island’s history will get an interest of wanting to go further to the Island.
The officials under the World Heritage reached to a three locations as a UNESCOS’s World Heritage. The three sites are located in Germany, Slovakia and Barbados. The sites in Barbados are in its historic Bridgetown and the ancient Garrison. The site is made of colonial architecture built by the British between 17th and 19th centuries, which accelerated the growth of the Britain colonial empire in the Atlantic Island. The fortified Bridgetown, linked to St. Ann’s Garrison played the role as the central base to control the British’s interest. The heritage acted as the epitome of the transmission of all vital communications, culture and trade. The two historic sites retained their original footprint since it still provides an essential part of British colonial decree and culture (de Arellano 290). The architectural features that are evidence of the ancient interaction between the British and the local inhabitants represent the Garrison and Bridgetown links. The old warehouse shows the need of protection against the common natural calamities in the area such as the hurricanes (Ricker et al 220). Bridgetown’s streets still retains the old authentic networks against the odds of a significant transformation of the town a fortified maritime port to the country capital city. Garrison’s main barracks are still performing the duties they used to perform in the colonial era. The administrations buildings within the Garrison are still used in the same processes. The Island authorities set rules and regulations to protect the two sites from extinctions. However, the rules cover specific areas leaving some without proper protection process. The planner of the town chairs the Barbados World Heritage Committee in the Island at least six times annually. The move strengthens the preservation of the World heritage.
Having an experience in Barbados is one of the best thing a human being will surely enjoy in life. Tiger Wood’s choice to host his wedding in the Island was not a casual decision. The Island is very special since it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a wonderful experience to be in the center ...
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