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5 Ways To Lighten Your Domestic Chores And Types Of House Chores (Article Sample)


5 ways to lighten your domestic chores


5 ways to lighten your domestic chores
Domestic chores are the worst. No human being has been recorded to love it like many love cars, or chocolates. It is no wonder that people are often coming up with new and faster ways of doing chores. From home-made organic detergents to machine gadgets, home cleaning is super easy. You just have to know the right way to do it.
Types of House Chores
* Laundry
This has got to be one of the most annoying of chores in the whole house. First of all, you have to sort out through the different colors of clothing, the different materials and also figure out which ones need hand washing over machine wash. Not forgetting the folding part and ironing after washing. But there is a solution! First, it is always a good thing to sort it all out. Have different bins for placing the dirty whites, colored and dark clothing. Make the washing machine your best friend to reduce time and effort. The Effie ironing machine is the answer to laundry prayers. It is capable of drying and ironing 12 articles of clothing at just the click of a button. From shirts, blouses, t-shirts, and trousers, to bed sheets and towels, this machine is a wonder in technological advancement.
* Dusting
Next to doing laundry, dusting is one of the most frequently done chores in the whole household. Before cleaning with detergents and water, dusting is essential as it makes cleaning easier. However, it is quite taxing. Feather dusters don't seem to do the trick, so in a bid to make work easier, recycling old socks does the trick. A few drops of non-streak liquid go a long way to avoiding dust getting in the air, and up the nostrils in the process of dusting. Better yet, make this liquid sweet smelling by adding scents like lavender or woody scents to make the chore even more bearable. Cotton cloths are better at collecting dust over other materials, which is why they are most desirable for dusting.
* Cleaning Windows and Mirrors
We all love the wide floor to ceiling windows because of the natural lighting and the view they provide. But then comes the cleaning part and they are not as appealing as they sound. The best way to tackle this big task is to let time do all the cleaning. Home-based cleaning products like vinegar and water are the best trick for this. Just spray a mixture of the two, ratio 1:1, and then leave the solution to do its magic while tackling all other chores, like using the Effie iron machine. Wipe off all the dirt that will have “washed itself” by using the solution. Voilá, windows and mirrors are done.
* Floors and carpets
Definitely the centerpiece of cleaning, floors and carpets need special attention as this is where most dirt is deposited daily on a re

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