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Markus Rothkranz: Film Director, Health Expert, Motivational Speaker (Article Sample)


career of Markus Rothkranz


The career of Markus Rothkranz is characterized by dedication and extraordinary achievements. He is an artist, an author, a film director, a motivational speaker, and a health expert. Markus shot to fame when he gave a speech on exponential evolution at the age of just 9. Before moving to Hollywood at the age of 23, he worked for various architectural firms. His achievements in art include building a Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom model and winning an automotive design contest at the age of 16. At the age of 18, he proved his artistic mastery by making an exact copy of a master painting in just a few days. Today, Markus leads The World Health Project, a project that aims to build a disease-free generation.
Markus the Artist
Markus is known for making very photorealistic paintings. He was very talented, and his instructors at school noticed it. They would consult him to know his tactics. His paintings were so good that a private collector from NASA bought ten pieces. Other of his paintings have been sold in art galleries all over the world. Most Markus’ paintings reflect his thoughts. They depict a beautiful world, without pollution or degradation. That is the exact opposite of what the world is today, but it is the world Markus dreams of.
Markus the Film Director
Markus h...
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