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Evidence Selection and Critical Appraisal using CASP (Article Sample)


Assessment Item : Evidence Selection and Critical Appraisal using CASP


Assessment Item 2: Evidence Selection and Critical Appraisal using CASP
PART 2: Completed CASP tool for selected article
Nahas R. Complementary and alternative medicine approaches to blood pressure reduction: An evidence-based
review. Canadian Family Physician. November 2008;54 (11):1529-1533.

CASP Systematic Review Appraisal Tool
Section A: Are the results of the review valid?Screening Questions
1. Did the review address a clearly focused issue?
в€љ Yes пЃІNo пЃІCan't tell
In general, the reviewer provided enough information in order to clearly focus on the issue: Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) approaches to high blood pressure (BP) reduction. Not much specific information was provided for the population being studied though, since he only mentioned, “patients with hypertension” without any demographics such as age, gender, race, etc. The intervention given was provided with Level 1 evidence (shown in table form), although some had limitations as to its methodology but the administration, duration and dosing of therapy were specified in each study so these are reliably determined by the reviewer. The outcome variable was very much considered as to the largest BP reduction so it was measured and specified.
2. Did the authors look for the right type of papers?
в€љ Yes пЃІNo пЃІCan't tell
Justify your answer:
The reviewer comprehensively provided the right type of papers to address the review question since most studies reviewed were Randomized controlled trials (RCTs). RCTs are the appropriate study design and thus provided the most reliable results as to the intervention`s effectiveness.

Detailed questions
3. Do you think the important, relevant studies were included?

пЃІYes пЃІNo в€љ Can't tell
Justify your answer:
In this evidenced-based review, the author used MEDLINE and EMBASE and he searched from January 1966 to May 2008 combining key words so the search method was explicitly stated and the reader can assess immediately that no relevant research has been omitted. The author could have used more databases like LILACS and Cochrane
so the more likely it is that relevant studies will not be omitted. These databases would ensure that there is little probability that relevant studies have been omitted. Finally, this was a comprehensive review as to the inclusive dates hence it is complete and updated.
4. Did the review’s authors do enough to assess the

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