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The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle. History Article (Article Sample)


Need you to write a 700-word article on "The mystery of the Bermuda triangle". No plagiarism, please.


The mystery of the Bermuda triangle
Bermuda triangle is a portion of the Atlantic ocean that borders the edges of three islands. Many authors refer to this location as devil’s triangle. On average, statistics show countless deaths with twenty boats and four planes recounted missing at least, on yearly basis as per the daily mail. Though past research pins the events to several misfortunes, not much is known regarding the many causes resulting into loss of lives around this place yet.
Scientists for many years have supposedly puzzled in explaining many occurrences that happen around this place. Scientific research from scholars has been drummed into documentaries to suggest the exact cause of the missing boats and planes around this area. Early 1950s authors connected the cause of unusual attractive powers which tend to affect the compass direction which as a result, causes captains and pilots to lose direction whenever they pass by this place. 

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