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Diagnosis of Autism in 2-year olds Psychology Article (Article Sample)


write a one-page review of each of the assigned readings. Article responses should include a description of the article itself, a reaction to the article, and reference to how the article’s content ties into the lecture material assigned for that week. No need to leave space for my name, school or teacher, or title. Read the two articles, summarize them and mane sure to connect the articles to the lecture powerpoint that is attached.


Diagnosis of Autism in 2-year olds
According to Corsello, Akshoomoff, & Stahmer (2013), diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children below three years is successful when using standardized assessment measures (p.178). However, there have been limited data on this matter in the community setting due to the sensitivity and specificity of the measures involved. Early screening in children has been critical in helping to make referrals to diagnostic clinics when there is suspicion of the disorder in young children. Of the available screening measures, the greatest achievement and accuracy is made when standardized parent interviews are combined with adequate clinical judgment (Corsello, Akshoomoff, & Stahmer, 2013). As such, early intervention and the high cost of early intervention services makes it critical for the diagnosis to be accurate. The use of Autism Diagnostic Interview –Revised is relatively low due to its length, which makes it difficult to incorporate in clinical practice.
Moreover, research indicates that there have been mixed results when used in children under three years with cases of under-identification of AS. This has made more clinicians turn to the use of Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule as the preferred diagnostic tool. The accuracy of the diagnosis is also highly dependent on the level of training of the staff working with the children (Corsello, Akshoomoff, & Stahmer, 2013, p. 179).

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