How to Write a Winning Essay for a Scholarship

How to Write a Scholarship Essay

What are main features of an essay for a scholarship?

Writing an essay to win a scholarship can be a challenging task because all the applicants tend to have similar goals, aspirations and grade performance. Writing the best essay gives one a chance to win the application. Best essay enables the scholarship provider to understand the applicant even before they meet physically. Thus, any applicant should learn main features and tips on how to write a scholarship-winning essay.

What are main features of an essay for a scholarship?

The main features of a scholarship essay include introduction, theme, the underlying question, and conclusion. The introduction of the essay is meant to attract the attention of the reader. Every scholarship has a theme which the writer has to address. The message of the essay author should be in line with the theme of the scholarship. The writer has to show why they should be selected among the many applicants through describing their achievements.

How to start an essay for a scholarship

The first step to consider before writing the essay is to understand the audience or rather the scholarship provider. The writer should understand goals and background information of the audience before writing the essay. The background information includes factors like level of education, the area of specialization and country of origin while the goals can be climate change, education and others. The applicant will, therefore, be objective when writing and hence have high chances of winning the application.

How to write an outline

One should have an outline before writing the essay. The outline can start with choosing an appropriate title. The next crucial part of the outline is the introduction. The introduction of the essay contains a thesis statement. It is then followed by the body where the writer answers the question of the essay. Finally, the writer should have a conclusion which summarizes the essay.

How to write a thesis statement

The author of a scholarship essay should have a thesis statement as the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. The thesis statement acts as a central idea of the entire essay. The writer should be able to understand the main idea of the essay and compress it into a single sentence. The single sentence makes the thesis statement. Inability to compress the essay into a single sentence implies the whole application will not be clear.

How to write an introduction

Introduction of the essay is a very powerful tool to capture the attention of the reader. It is a very effective way to alert the reader that they should single out your essay among the many applicants. The introduction should be specific to answer the question in a strong and persuasive statement. Sticking to the question enables one to avoid stating obvious issues that every other writer can write. The introduction should consist of precise sentences that make the foundation and establish the argument of the entire essay.

How to write body paragraphs

The body of the essay marks a step where one has to deliver the message and convince the reader. The body consists of the essay content and mode of passing the message. One should answer the question in detail and in an argumentative manner. The structure of the question might vary from being broad to very specific. The writer should understand the structure of the question to avoid deviation from the objective of the essay.

Tips on body writing

There are various tips on how to write the body of the essay. The writer should briefly share some aspects of their personal lives. Such aspects make the essay memorable. Besides, one should show their passion through the essay writing. The author should focus all the energy and mind on the paper which will be evident to the reader that the writer is truly passionate about the scholarship. Another important tip is that the writer should be specific when giving details rather than focusing on general statements. In addition, the writer should build on their accomplishments. The accomplishments indicate that one is best suited to get monetary support. Finally, one should write in the active voice and in an assertive manner which shows the reader that the writer is confident.

How to finish an essay for a scholarship: Tips on conclusion writing

The writer should finish the essay by developing a brief conclusion that is connected to the body. The conclusion should discuss what the writer plans to achieve after getting the scholarship. A writer who has goals will be more convincing to the reader hence higher chances of winning the scholarship.

Tips on essay revision

The author of scholarship essay should revise and edit before submitting for evaluation. Some tips to revise the essay include reading it loud to identify the minor errors. Besides, one can get a peer or an expert to proofread the essay and edit it. In addition, one should take a break after writing and reread the essay later when the mind is relaxed. It is crucial to edit any small errors that might have skipped the eye.

Sample of an essay for a scholarship

My name is Elizabeth Burk. I am a student at Midland College finalizing a bachelor’s degree in Science. My educational goals are to acquire a bachelor’s degree and advance to master’s in public health. Such will offer a good opportunity to pursue a career in medicine as a doctor. However, I understand the fact that failure to complete my college degree will automatically lead to unachieved career goals.

I am always passionate about helping other people around me and improving their living standards. I, therefore, decided to pursue a career as a doctor which will offer best opportunity to serve more people through improving the community health standards. I will diversify my services through establishing medical health centers in other underserved parts of the country where people can get cheap or subsidized medical attention.

Besides, I aspire to develop a non-profit organization which can offer the best internship opportunities especially for medical students across the country. Such students will have the opportunity to travel around the world in isolated regions and offer free medical services to people. In addition, the organization will offer nutritional education to communities in marginalized areas to raise a healthy population.

The main driving forces behind my achievements are the belief in the need for persistence and determination. I would not have reached this level of education without the big support from my mother. She worked so hard in absence of my late father and ensured I lived a quality life and with comfort in my high school education. Her income from working as a hair stylist has assisted me to get to this level of education. However, she understands well that the small income will not be enough to support my master’s programme. In this regard, I am searching for scholarships that can enable me to complete my education and hence achieve my goals.

I trust that I am fit to be selected for your scholarship because of my hard work and commitment to be the best. My persistence is not only in academics but also serving the community through voluntary initiatives. Such initiatives offer a platform to exercise leadership skills since I meet, interact and work with different people with diverse beliefs.

I am glad to find such big opportunities for scholarships to students who want to pursue further studies. I hope to merit among the scholarship applicants. I understand that achieving my goals will be easier if I manage to complete my master’s degree programme.

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