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Scholarship (Admission Essay Sample)


The task was about a scholarship essay aiming to get scholarship to an international university to study dentistry as a course


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I believe that quality education is the key to success in accomplishing my lifelong goals. Also, I attempt to connect the passion I have in education with my desire to help others in the community. As a result, I am preparing myself to advance my education by enrolling for a degree program in one of the best universities in the United States. I was hardworking in high school and I had an outstanding performance in science courses and other community programs. The knowledge I acquired in high school shaped my future to venture into my all-time career dream of becoming a dental hygienist. I am extremely excited about my prospects in dental hygiene and feel that the opportunity your scholarship will provide can significantly enable me to improve people's lives in the community.
While pursuing my primary school education, I developed an interest in dental hygiene due to rising cases of dental problems globally. My interest in dental hygiene was prompted by a personal instance of a toothache problem at the age of 10 years. I used to consume a lot of sugary foods without caring about the potential risks endangering my teeth. It was not long since I had increased my consumption of sugary foods that I encountered a premolar toothache problem. The pain and agony that I experienced were unbearable until I had the tooth removed. As a result of the painful experience, I was inspired and motivated to help other people enhance their dental hygiene.
My dream of becoming a dental hygienist faces hurdles due to the hardships I have faced in life. The major challenge I have faced in my academic life is financial hardships. I come from low-income family background. Besides, I am the firstborn child in our family. With my low-income background, I had limited financial support while studying in high school. On several occasions, I have been homeless since my parents could not afford to raise enough financial resources to support my siblings and my stay at school. Thus, I was compelled to move in with my parents in order to finish school. This decision was challenging with several incidences of domestic violence impacting my education life. Nonetheless, I was determined and focused to finish to facilitate my acquisition of knowledge and skills in dental hygiene that would be of use in helping the entire community. The hardships I face, especially, financial burden may impact the successful completion of my degree program by lessening the time required to master the courses. As a result, awarding me a scholarship will help make it faster to study and graduate from the dental hygiene program by overcoming all the hardships I encountered.
As a dental hygienist, my objective will be positively impacting patients’ oral health by teaching them oral hygiene strategies and the best nutrition for realizing healthy teeth and gums. Among the stipulated responsibilities that I think I will comfortably execute include cleaning clients’ teeth, sealing teeth cavities, removing plaque, and applying antibacterial treatments. Besides, I anticipate creating a team-oriented environment that will integrate highly skilled professionals to improve dental health services in our communities. I also expect the scholarship to help me acquire proficient skills in securing high-paying jobs in order to offer financial support to my family members. Thus, I believe the scholarship will facilitate my realization of these career goals by helping me to graduate without financial hardships.
Being a dental hygienist is quite demanding, thus I am convinced that I possess the pertinent qualities to keep me through the profession. I am open-minded, considerate, and determined to act under difficult situations. To be successful, I look forward to seeking eligibility to work as a dental hygienist by enrolling for a state-authorized accreditation licensur

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