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A Personal Statement Used in a Job Application (Admission Essay Sample)


A personal statement used in a job application


Personal Statement
Conceivably being born in a family that has the head, as a teacher is one of the greatest reasons I have grown to be the person I am today. The support that my family has offered especially in decision-making has helped me to leave by my principles. Ever since I was in pre-school, my father kept narrating stories of the things he learned in school. Every day was a new thing, new incidence, new student and new ideas. The stories were and still are interesting with every day being a day full of new activities and knowledge acquisition.
Advancing my education has always been my motivation and goal. I majored in Information resource management in my first degree and scored 88% GPA. I pursed the TOFEL test, which was challenging but I managed 10/12 points. I choose to purse Information Resource Management though being a tough course that requires concentration because of my willingness to work hard and thirst for knowledge. In my internship in Chengdu Liangshi Yiyou Technology Co., Ltd, I was able to use SPSS and AMOS data analyzing programs to monitor students learning progress. During my second internship in Sichuan University Library, I developed a book-reading program that including photography exhibitions.
I present my gradational thesis, which was on user information interaction behavior of online education products. I was able to use the data I collected with SPSS and AMOS data analyzing models The models helped me to learn how teacher and student interacted and several things to adjust to having a similar outcome. During course work, I did a one-semester information service product design operation. I had the privilege to be the project leader and from my idea, we were able to make a reading product that was able to provide customized listings of private books. I am developing a learning game that I have integrated a friend who is helping me with the plot. The game involves learning English by playing a game, which is an innovative way of utilizing the skills I have learned and acquired.
I have natured myself as a philanthropist, which has led me to voluntary tutoring children of immigrants English. I made myself available for community counseling, where I volunteered as an event planner. I paid close attention to the growth of education of my students t

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